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Interview with Aviabitcoin: Proof of stake percentage 10% Per Year




Q1 : What can you tell us about your currency?
Algorithm Scrypt
Type PoS
Coin name Abncoin
Coin abbreviation ABN
Address letter B
Total coin supply 23,333,333 coins
Premine percent 10%
Premine amount 2,333,333 coins
PoS percentage 10% per year
Coinbase maturity 20 blocks
Target spacing 64 seconds
Target timespan 1 block
Transaction confirmations 6 blocks
Established in Coin Market Cap
Available in Nova Exchanger
Available in Live Coin Exchanger

Q2: What type of services exist or can we expect in the future?”
We currently have our own wallet for IOS, Android and Web.

Q3: Are you targeting the consumer or Business Market? If so, how does the business model work?”
We are expanding our expertise towards greater future by building our own exchanger, property buy/sell services, online shopping website and also open an opportunity for those people selling a services to be able to use ABNcoin as a payment gateway.

Q4: What are the details around the most important project you’re working on currently?
ABN Wallet for worldwide crypto exchanger and ABN Merchant for online shopping website

Q5: How does the competition compare?
Most of the competitors outside there may be better than us but we are still not yet complete with our plan at this moment. A lot of surprise coming soon by this year

Q6: The market has many players, what differentiates you?”
We are genuine, we do make real business besides our coin. We do mining for Bitcoin as well as Altcoin and we also provide a package for customer to invest in our company for mining purpose.

Q7: could you tell us more about your achievements in this?”
We are the 1st Malaysian’s company that our core business in mining crypto and our coin accepted in Coin Market Cap and currently now trading in Nova Exchanger and Live Coin Exchanger. ABNcoin will be available in many more exchanger soon.

Q8: could you tell us more about where you see Blockchain technology in the future?”
We looks at Blockchain technology not only for safety of crypto data storage capability but also for the worldwide safety data storage that can be use in Government and Private sectors especially those area that need critical data monitoring such as military, aeroplane maintenance and etc.

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