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Interview with Goldblocks Coin: Introduction of an ATM machine for Goldblocks as well as a Paymentsystem




Q: What can you tell us about your currency?

Goldblocks  is a mining company whose coin is real and available on the public capital market. GB is an all important stock exchanges listed and tradable. Through our years of sales experience, we have put a binary marketing plan behind it.

Q: What type of services exist or can we expect in the future?”

We started in 2016 with our Coin and the planning for this year are: to further expand international sales and the introduction of an ATM machine for Goldblocks as well as a Paymentsystem.

Q: Are you targeting the consumer or Business Market? If so, how does the business model work?”

Institutional and private investors have the opportunity to enter into Goldblocks and choose different models depending on their target and interests.

Q: What are the details around the most important project you’re working on currently?

Currently, we are focused on the ATM machines and the sales organization

Q: How does the competition compare?

It is unfortunately not possible to compare the individual Coin as 90% are not publicly listed.

Q: The market has many players, what differentiates you?”

There are certainly one or the other serious coin, 95% of all connected with a network are NOT publicly listed. GB is listed from the beginning stock exchanges and built on sustainability.We are the only company to link two worlds … real economy (gold) with the digital world (crypto).Transparency is very important. Each partner is personally invited to speak with our CEOs in person.

Q: could you tell us more about your achievements in this?”

Through our years of sales experience, network, international sales power, support and unique marketing plan as well as promising Coin, each partner can benefit …

Q: could you tell us more about where you see Blockchain technology in the future?”


The future of finance could be dominated by blockchain technologies. A traceable global currency complete with an efficient infrastructure will not only result in massive cost reduction for all market participants, it will change global banking. Bitcoin will do for payments what email did for communication.


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