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IoT Tech Expo Germany, An Event you can’t Miss




The Internet of things Tech Expo Event is expected to bring major industries from across Eastern and Central Europe for two days of high level content and discussion. Introducing and exploring the up-to-date innovations within the IoT, this conference is very important. Industries attending include Transport, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Automobile and Government.

The conference will take place in Berlin’s Congress Center on 13-14th June, 2016 in Germany.  It will host thousands of attendees including developers & makers, IT decision markers, government and local council officials, OEM’s, automotive exec’s, operators, venture capitalists, investors, technology providers and many more. The event is set to exhibit the most cutting edge technologies for many exhibitions and offer insight from more than 200 speakers sharing their real-life experiences and unparalleled industry knowledge.

The event will explore technologies and its innovative advancements that are affecting Internet of Things. There will be track and cases covering IoT ecosystem including Connected Living, Smart Cities, Data & Security, Developing & IoT Technologies and Connected Industry. Attendees will experience life-changing discussion, in-depth analysis, high level networking and exploration at this year’s IoT Tech Expo Central Europe.

Tresmo is among the companies that will be joining the IoT Tech Expo in Berlin starting tomorrow. The Company will be available to assist other companies embrace the technological world and the digital world that is revolutionizing businesses.

Mission of Tresmo is to make it customers’ businesses a digital success. The company’s core competencies include: high-end individual software development (cloud, mobile IoT), digital analytics and digital transformation consulting. The company has been working intensively in IoT field for many years, particularly with focus on platform design, IT architecture, software development and technology selection. Some of their latest IoT projects are a machine tool monitoring solution for an international manufacturer and a smart home solution for household appliance manufacturer, a strategy of IoT for a building material producer.

Bernd Behler, the Company’s COT, will share Tresmo’s knowledge and experience of the IoT within the ‘Developing & IoT Technologies‘ event, which is free to attend. Their presentation, ‘Abstraction of the IoT Technology Stack‘ will be on day 2 at 10:40am. You can also visit their website or offices to find more about digital transformation and software development.

In day one, Connected Industry IoT Tech Expo Germany conference will:

  • Discuss how development in IoT innovation and technology is affecting the IoT and the enterprise.
  • Explore the tech available to developers to make IoT products and solutions, focusing on real-life applications of current IoT technologies and economics.
  • Cover all aspects of future of smart cities including ecosystem, development, energy and consideration.

In day two, the conference will discuss:

  • The the future of the connected car and connected home looking development, consumer adoption and business opportunities.
  • How the development in IoT Technology and Innovation are affecting data and security.

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