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iPhone Reparative: How to Replace a Screen




iPhone reparative guide on replacing your screen. Learn the steps to replace a cracked or broken iPhone screen.

Who hasn’t felt that sinking feeling when your iPhone slips from your hand and lands screen-down on the pavement? 

If you’ve ever picked up your phone to see a web of cracks across the screen, you know it’s not a great start to the day. 

That’s where we come in! We’re Repair n Go, your trusted iPhone Reparative, and fixing iPhones is what we do best.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps to replace your iPhone screen by yourself. 

It’s a handy skill that can save you time and money. 

But don’t worry, if DIY isn’t your thing, our team at Repair n Go is ready to help. 

We offer quick, professional screen replacements that come with a smile and a warranty. 

Whether you want to tackle the repair yourself or leave it to the pros, we’ve got your back!

Walk with me!

Assess the Damage

First things first, let’s figure out just how bad the damage is on your iPhone. 

If the screen is cracked but still works, it might be a safe enough bet to fix it yourself. 

However, if you see weird lines or the touch isn’t responding, it could be more serious. 

That’s when calling in experts like us at iPhone Reparative can save you a headache. 

We specialize in iPhone schermreparatie (screen repair) and can make sure everything is fixed just right.


Sometimes, if the damage looks bad, or you’re not sure if there’s more wrong inside, it’s better to bring it to our shop. 

We can quickly tell you what needs fixing—whether it’s just the screen or something else like the battery. 

Remember, getting a professional iPhone batterij vervangen (battery replacement) can also boost your phone’s life!

Tools Needed for Screen Replacement

To replace your iPhone screen, you’ll need a few specific tools.

Don’t worry; you don’t need a whole toolbox—just a few key items. 

A pentalobe screwdriver is essential because those are the screws Apple uses to keep your iPhone closed tight. 

You’ll also want a set of plastic pry tools. These help you open the phone without scratching anything.

A suction cup tool is super handy, too. It helps lift the screen off after you’ve unscrewed it, which is a lot easier than trying to pry it off with your fingers. 

And remember, if gathering these tools feels like a chore, we at iPhone Reparative have all the right tools and more. 

Plus, if you pop by, we offer snelle iPhone reparatie (quick iPhone repair), so you’ll be in and out in no time with a phone that’s as good as new.

Get Ready for the Replacement

Now that you’ve got your tools, it’s time to get ready for the actual repair. 

First, make sure your iPhone is powered off. 

This is important because working on an electronic device while it’s on can cause more damage or even hurt you. 

Next, find a clean, well-lit space to work. A clear desk or table is perfect. 

Lay out all your tools and parts where you can see them so you don’t have to dig around while you’re in the middle of the repair.


Before you start, take a deep breath. 

It might seem a bit scary to open up your iPhone, but with the right tools and a calm approach, you’ll do great. 

And if at any point it feels like too much, remember that iPhone Reparative is just a visit away. 

We’re here to help with any part of the process, making your repair journey a safe enough bet whether you decide to continue on your own or hand it over to the pros.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing the Screen

Alright, let’s tackle the screen replacement step by step. Here’s how to get that new screen on your iPhone:

  • Turn Off Your iPhone: Ensure your device is completely powered off before starting.
  • Remove Screws: Use a pentalobe screwdriver to remove the screws next to the charging port. Keep these screws safe, as you’ll need to put them back later.
  • Detach the Screen: Attach a suction cup to the bottom of the cracked screen and gently pull it up. Add a plastic pry tool into the gap, carefully working it around the edges to loosen the screen.
  • Open and Disconnect: Lift the screen up like a book cover but only to 90 degrees to avoid stressing the connecting cables. Use the pry tool to disconnect these cables from the motherboard.
  • Remove Old Screen: Once the cables are disconnected, remove the old screen.
  • Attach New Screen: Connect the new screen using the same cables. Ensure each connector snaps into place securely.
  • Seal and Screw: Lay down the new screen, pressing around the edges to seal it into the frame. Replace and tighten the screws next to the charging port.

Test the New Screen

Now that your new screen is in place, let’s make sure everything works. Power on your iPhone. 

The first thing to check is if the screen lights up without any weird lines or dark spots. 

Next, touch different areas of the screen to make sure the touch function works all over. 

Open an app and type something to test responsiveness.

If something’s not quite right, like part of the screen doesn’t respond to touch, double-check the connections you made. 

Sometimes, cables aren’t plugged in all the way. 

If problems continue, remember our iPhone reparatiewinkel (iPhone repair shop) is always here to help. 

It might be a simple fix we can sort out quickly!

Final Steps and Clean-up

Nice work! Your iPhone has a brand-new screen, and it looks great. 

Now, just a couple of final touches. 

Press down the edges of the screen one more time to make sure it’s sealed tightly. This helps keep dust and moisture out. 


Now, let’s deal with the old screen. Instead of throwing it away, why not bring it to us for recycling? 

It’s a small step, but it helps take care of our planet.

And remember, if you or someone you know ever needs a tablet reparatie (tablet repair) or tablet schermreparatie (tablet screen repair), we offer those services too. 

Whether it’s a quick tablet herstel or more complex fixes, our betrouwbare tablet reparatiewinkel (reliable tablet repair shop ) is ready to assist. 


Great job on getting through those steps! Replacing your iPhone screen isn’t too difficult; with a little patience and the right tools, you can definitely handle it. 

Remember, if you ever feel unsure or if the task seems a bit overwhelming, that’s completely okay.

That’s where we at Repair n Go come in. We’re known for reliable, fast, and professional smartphone repairs. 

Usually, we get your device fixed within just one hour, and every repair comes with a warranty. 

This means you can trust that your device is in good hands and you’ll be back to using it in no time.

If you’re ready to get professional help or if you need top-notch repair tools, just make an appointment with us. 

Thank you for following along, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with any device repairs! 

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