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Is Cell Phone Radiation Concerns Your Concern

Priya S



Can cell phones damage your brain? 

The question remains whether holding your cell phone next to your brain is safe or a health issue.  After years of raising this question, the cell phone industry has yet to respond with a definitive answer.  Yet, brain tumors have been on the raise.

The best line of safety is to keep the cell phone at least 1 inch away from your head and body. This means using your speaker as often as possible.  This is very easy and do-able for most conversations and environments.

The second step is simply put the cell phone into a cell phone case manufactured to block the powerful cellular radio signals directed out of the front of your phone.  There are several phone case options, but few delivery on performance.  We found only one phone case worthy of recommending blocking 99% cell phone radiation. It is called a Cruz Case ( And it works very well.

Cruz cases were designed by John F. Cruz, founder of Cruz cases. Cruz cases are sold online at (518-608-6479) and shipped around in the world . While Cruz Cases sold at ship only within the USA.

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