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Jarrod Frankel joins leading European Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy

Adriaan Brits



Introduction to Jarrod:

Jarrod Frankel is the Head of Content and Strategy at Lunar Strategy. With an unrivalled dedication for excellence in the delivery of projects and the motivation of being part of the worlds next number one Web3 marketing agency, Jarrod is always ready to take on the most challenging tasks.

Naming the team around him as the biggest asset he could potentially have, Jarrod uses his diverse experience to cultivate a group of talented, hardworking and motivated people that are all focused on delivering clients an exceptional experience.

What do you want to achieve with Lunar Strategy over the coming five years?

I joined Lunar Strategy with one objective: to be at the forefront of the marketing revolution. Change is coming. Consumers are more aware of the places they are being heard and the areas they have control. It’s essential in the digital age to adapt to consumer behaviour and hear from your audience or community precisely what their requirements are. Think of all the answers and all of the connections.

This is innovative marketing unfolding right before our very eyes and in an industry that is fast becoming the financial revolution of the modern world. This is where the exploration of the next marketing frontier will begin.

Five years from now, I would like to be one of the key contributors to that expedition into the unknown. I want to be known for assisting in the successful growth of innovative and unique projects aimed at creating real, impactful and long-lasting change.

From a Lunar Strategy point of view, we have set the goal of becoming the leading agency in our space in the world within the next five years. This is what I am planning to achieve!

Why did you decide to join the Lunar Strategy team?

The innovation of the space requires a team that lives and breathes innovation. The Lunar Strategy name carries creativity with it. The incredibly rapid growth of such a young and vibrant team was what sealed the deal for me.


Aside from an incredible amount of industry contacts, references, and testimonials, the Lunar Strategy methodologies behind the Influencer, Community, and Public Relations departments are what every project is looking for in an agency in Web3.  

This team makes success for its clients easy in an industry where success is the furthest thing from guaranteed.

What is the most exciting part of being in Web3?

The exploration of it. It’s very clear that communities are the focus of Web3, and it’s very clear that Web3 marketing practices are being adopted by almost every major player in every major industry.

This is where your audience tells you what they want directly. They communicate with you daily. They engage with you daily. It’s the clearest way of delivering value to people that could possibly exist.

Web3 is the power shift. It is giving the consumer the power to be empowered and about creating an organization driven to assist in solidifying that empowerment. An industry where financial opportunities are prevalent for everybody! Do you want to own a rare Nigerian NFT by the talented Akobi NFT project? Invest in crypto ETF’s sold through traditional investment houses managed by asset managers with Rebus Chain? Maybe it’s the US property ladder for you with the American real estate revolution that is BonfireDAO?

It’s all possible.

That’s what’s exciting about Web3.

Where is the Web3 market going over the next 12 months?

Web3 as a whole is headed towards utility. How can someone get utility from your project? What’s useful about being an owner of your asset? Why should I be here? In a space with so many moving parts, what do you provide that others don’t?


A huge trend is around creating communities where everyone can participate and be rewarded. Solving real world problems like access to the property ladder without the headache of managing tenants and having to pay an enormous down payment is another example of a very prominent and prevalent trend.

If we’re talking about Web3 marketing – it’s value. What value does your project give in its communication to its audience? How quickly can you pivot to align your marketing activity with the desires of your engaged audience?

Twitter is an ever present in the DeFi, Crypto, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse space. Building a solid following with consistent communication, pointing the audience to Discord or Telegram to become more involved with the community, and solidifying the brands messaging are the key focal points for any project over the next 12 months for sure.

What is your best tip for a European company that wants to enter Web3?

My best tip would be to follow the blueprint that the Lunar Strategy team provides in its guides. Follow the best practices of industry leaders. Define your key messaging, plan ahead of time the way you want to be perceived in the market.

Search out the most reliable, trustworthy influencers in the space that speak to your target audience regularly! Ensure you have a definition of your ideal positioning and how you would like to be perceived by the audience.

Use publications and influencers to gain traffic, social media to engage your community, the community itself as a place of feedback and input directly from your customers, and be able to make the relevant changes.

If that sounds too daunting, I would suggest getting an experienced, innovative, and dedicated marketing team that have handled this kind of thing multiple times before, like Lunar Strategy

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