Jean Claude Bastos de Morais feels optimistic as the entrepreneurial culture is creating employment opportunities

Statistics feature Africa as the land of opportunity in the modern age of technology. Jean Claude Bastos de Morais, the Chairman and co-founder of Quantum Global Group believes that business prospects in African countries are more than one can imagine.

Adding on that, business analysts believe that the young and skilled African businesspersons are the weavers of these new opportunities. Such openings might take the African economy by storm and furthermore create lot of jobs. The average age of Africa’s entrepreneurial workforce is 31, much younger in comparison to Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

It’s a revolutionary change, as 20% of the African entrepreneurs on the block are introducing new services and products. You can congratulate their creativity and self-reliance for the growing numbers. The lack of resources has sharpened their managerial skills and resourcefulness, which has pushed the African entrepreneurial drive.

Let’s consider the case of the Nigerian painter who manufactures his own paint. Once upon a time, this painter was dependent on color and raw material imports. The painting business was about to collapse until he decided to create his own colors with the resources available to him.

Jean Claude Bastos de Morais feels that such resourcefulness is the first thing business schools fail to teach, yet African entrepreneurs have developed the habit out of necessity. The paint is made from non-toxic local materials and dries quickly, thus speeding up the painting process.

Another driving force of the booming African entrepreneurial scene is surprisingly the 2008 recession. African professionals, who faced professional damages abroad during the recession, returned to their home country. They have everything, from technical expertise to top-class managerial abilities. The recession had also snipped thousands of job openings in their respective countries, leading most of them to the path of entrepreneurship.

Facilities like the Angolan Fábrica de Sabão are much needed, says Jean Claude Bastos de Morais. While we have the sharpest minds, we need tools, infrastructure, and facilities to realize their dreams. Events like Quantum Global Group’s Innovation Prize for Africa motivate the budding entrepreneurs to keep up their good work.

“Africa is not a continent of weak warring countries anymore. The countries are moving beyond an agriculture-based economy to a more diversified, high-stakes financial systems that includes the initiatives of our young workforce’, explains Jean Bastos de Morais. It will indeed be a beautiful sight to see when Africa stands shoulder to shoulder with economic superpowers across the globe.

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