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Just Jobs – India #1 Entry Level Job Site




Just Jobs is best job portal to hire verified & local employees for small business in India. It is one of the most innovative & leading staffing startup for entry-level job sector in India. It’s easy, fast & free. Our mission is to empower the most unserved Informal sector of India by bridging the gap between skill & opportunity. Our targeted users are people belonging to the informal or unorganised sector and Small & Medium Sized Businesses. We charge as low as Rs. 150 per job posting to employer though our system is completely free for Jobseekers and posting the 1st job is also free for all employers. We’re in Quest of Transforming India’s Unorganized Job Sector. Our plan is to make the Just Jobs a complete mobile first business where both employers & job seekers can connect with each other within seconds and for free, anytime, anywhere.

We’re not another traditional & complex job board. We’re easiest, fastest and reliable job board when it comes to informal section recruitment & hiring industry. While our competitors have become a database aggregator (and selling it) instead of solving the actual problem. They doing what offline agencies are doing from decades rather we, at Just Jobs are committed to making the experience simple yet useful so that both employers & job seekers can leverage it. We heavily invested on the UX part considering the nature of the industry. Also, we do not serve ads. On the top of it, we’re completely Free!

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