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Kanye West Signals Willingness to Meet with Boxabl, Leader in Sustainable Housing

Vasid Qureshi



In a September 2022 podcast, Kanye West mentioned that he is “totally down to meet with the guy from Boxabl.” West has become known in the housing industry for his work to create homes that are sustainable and affordable. Boxabl is the creator of the Casita, the 375 ft.2 house that unpacks in an hour, which is likely why it has apparently caught the attention of West. 

West is not the first celebrity to be interested in Boxabl, as one of the owners of the Casita’s prototypes is Elon Musk. The publicity from Musk’s purchase helped to dispel any doubts about the company’s legitimacy and drove up sales of the $50,000 tiny home, with the waitlist more than 110,000 strong. 

Now, as Boxabl ramps up production of its high-quality houses in its factories on assembly lines, the company’s co-founders, Galiano Tiramani and Paolo Tiramani, talk more about the Casita and how it is leading sustainable living. 

“The Casita is redefining how people see homes,” Galiano says. “They understand that housing does not have to be astronomical in costs. Also, the Casita is helping people to rethink a home’s impact on the environment. Lastly, they see it as a legitimate, efficient way to quickly re-house victims of natural disasters, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.”

To create a new way to make homes, Paolo and Galiano turned to the car industry, where automobiles were turned out by the minute instead of months, as was the case with homes. By eliminating the bloated costs of overhead and producing houses in factories, Boxabl could revolutionize an entire industry.  

“We dreamed big and dared even bigger,” says Paolo. “We could see no reason why a house couldn’t be assembled just like a car in under 60 seconds. It took a while and a lot of thought, but we came up with a very precise, choreographed way to assemble walls, put in a sink, install paneling, and create a house. It resulted in the Casita, which is giving America a different model for affordable, sustainable homes.”

To avoid the impression that their houses lacked creativity or personality, Boxabl based their design on the Legos concept: the owner can customize their home by stacking and connecting different configurations. 

Inside the Casita, homeowners find all the amenities of a traditional house, including a full-sized kitchen, bathroom and living space. Every inch of its 375 ft.2 is designed to maximize the space. Features that include a vessel sink, sliding glass door, deep shower/tub, cupboards, oven, sink next to a window, and fridge surprise people who typically expect “small” to mean “sparse.”

Weather, of course, was a concern, one that Galiano and Paolo addressed in the Casita’s design. Steel, concrete, and EPS foam are its core components since none of them biodegrade. Structurally laminated panels in the walls, floor, and roof reinforce the Casita and make it stronger than the average building. It is also fire resistant, rated for snow loads and hurricane-speed winds, and is less likely to be damaged by floods or mold.

“The Casita is the result of innovative thinking and the belief that everyone, no matter where they live or how much money they make, deserves safe, legitimate homes,” says Galiano. We hope that Boxabl and its team will do their part to help people to live in harmony with the planet and to do so affordably.”


About Boxabl:

Boxabl, a building construction technology startup with a valuation of over $3B, is the creator of the Casita, a tiny home that can be unpacked in only an hour. Resistant to bugs, water, mold, fire, and wind, it is redefining the future of sustainable living. 

For more information on Boxabl and the Casita, please see To invest or read the offering circular, please visit

About Paolo Tiramani:

Paolo Tiramani is an American industrial designer and billionaire. He has provocative thoughts on technology and the future. Currently, Paolo is CEO and majority shareholder of Boxabl, the technology startup creating a comprehensive building system for the $13 trillion global construction industry. His work is manifold; he holds 155 patent filings, covering a diverse mix of inventions and intellectual property, including hardware, housewares, juvenile, sporting goods, medical, personal care, construction, and automotive. 

About Galiano Tiramani:

Galiano Tiramani is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who has founded many successful startups: two of his notable exits were a cryptocurrency exchange/ATM network founded in 2012 and a large marijuana farming, hash oil production, wholesale distribution, and trap house facility, which was sold in 2019. Boxabl will be the 3rd startup to use his ability to get projects operational and generating revenue quickly. 


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