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KRebels on Koalas, NFTs, and the Metaverse

Umesh Agarwal




KRebels is the most forward thinking NFT project in the industry right now. With a plan focusing on preserving an endangered species, the koala, as well as incorporating cutting-edge metaverse technology, the KRebels NFT project is as honorable as it is innovative. While many NFT entrepreneurs are simply looking to ride a popular wave, KRebels are strong advocates for the NFT industry and are committed to using the technology to make a difference.

While the concept of an NFT may seem elusive to some, the technology is undeniably taking the world by storm. With a market size of over $2.5 billion, the novel technology is positioned to permanently change the art industry. Beyond the fact that NFT art has been party to some highly lucrative sales as of recent, the technology behind the art is the reason why people are so excited.

NFT technology can turn digital art into unique, collectible assets where ownership as well as sales can be completely verified using blockchain’s transparent technology. Not only does this create a marketplace for digital art where it did not exist before, but blockchain’s ledger technology can enable digital artists and entrepreneurs to continue to be paid a percentage on every subsequent sale in perpetuity.

Clearly this technology is not only opening up a new market as well as creating new entrepreneurs, it is doing so in a way that focuses on artistic and economic integrity.

The KRebels project is taking it one step further than others in the space by utilizing this technology to raise money and awareness for a good cause. Later this year, the KRebels team plans to auction off 9,999 completely unique NFT koalas created by their in-house artist. KRebels hopes that koala and art enthusiasts alike will rally together and purchase these koala NFTs knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to various charities attempting to save the koalas from their likely extinction by 2050.

Brilliantly recognizing that both koala lovers and NFT lovers enjoy engaging with each other, KRebels is focusing on their digital community. They have a discord community as well as a twitter community where their followers actively engage with each other. Further, KRebels are intelligently planning on utilizing metaverse technology to enhance their community experience and bring more value to their collectors.

The KRebels team is creating a digital home for their NFT koalas in the metaverse so that their community of KRebels NFT owners can watch and play with their unique NFT koalas in their metaverse preserve like a video game.

This will not only set KRebels apart as an innovative NFT project, it will incentivize more engagement in their community, ultimately raising more awareness — and funds — to help save the koalas from extinction.






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