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There are so many applications and gadgets nowadays. But the following will definitely fascinate you.

Tom Clancy’s the Division

Though it is quite thrilling to play this game, it’s also an alarming and all too possible dystopian future. You going to find out that New York City have been hit hard by a horrible biological terror attack that wiped out humanity and civilisation as you know it. In case of such a catastrophe, there is an elite group of people of course hidden from the public eye responsible for bringing order. These individuals are part and parcel of the Strategic Homeland Division.

Since the background is set in New York, it actually resemble like New York City. You will recognise many familiar street names, landmarks and neighbourhoods. The real developer Ubisoft has decided pull out all stops to make sure that the realism hits you hard. It is quite thrilling talking as someone who has visited the New York City several times, actually you get the real feeling of horror and dread but at the same time, you can’t help marvelling at the massive scale, accuracy, complexity, and beauty of the environments in the game. The actual effect for the residents of New York City will probably be a lot more pronounced. However  it is funny is that this is not a game for New York City residents, so let’s move on!

This is an online game, which you have to be connected to the internet and signed in to play. The essence of this is to make you at par with other players, that is, the other members of The Division for cooperation. This game has exciting elements of Role Playing Game (RPG), Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and third person shooter. There are many main and side missions who will take you over Manhattan and you will aim at shooting everything you come across while learning the mechanics of perusing cover to cover and finding more loot that is, ammo, guns, health packs backpacks to arm yourself with. Despite of a few inconsistencies which include occasional trouble connecting to the network, repetitive and predictable AI, there is little to discredit here. The Division is an exciting game that is also engaging.

Room Air Purifier

There is a new product from Atlanta Healthcase which uses the company’s iCluster Technology: a seven-stage process that consists of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, a layer of activated carbon, photo catalyst, anti-bacterial filter, UV disinfection light and ioniser. The notable feature is that the numbers of filters before the HEPA trap the larger dust particles and extend the life of the HEPA filter which is quite important in dusty and polluted cities. It is recommended for areas up to 450 sq ft. This product works quietly that is 18 to 55db noise levels and its power consumption is rated at 65 watts. The additional usual features include: LEDs that indicate air quality, odour sensor, filter change indicator and a switch that stops it from working unless placed firmly on the ground. Besides that, it has a cold mist humidifier. There is a need of a small tank to be filled with purified water for this. You should get the product price online; still the price is a tag higher than some of the competition.

Fitso Running & Fitness Application for Android and iOS

Fitso another new health-tracking android and iOS application that offers couple zones for running and fitness activities that interest you. As soon as you start it, the main screen displays four options get fit, track runs & rides, train for a race, loose weight. The only next step is to create a free account so that you can track progress.

You can see your daily progress, speed, track your run/ride with information on distance, and calories burnt. There are many freestyle activities listed as fit in 16, 7-minute workouts, and cardio crunch and each of the activity will show you a training video. In addition each activity is timed so that you get the maximum benefit. Lastly, you can follow up on activities that are happening near your location or join fitness groups to keep yourself motivated.

You can as well consult a nutrition expert or running expert through the app for a fee each month. There is a built-in chat that helps you to stay in touch with your coach and friends on Fitso network.

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