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Launch A Powerful E-learning Marketplace With A Robust Udemy Clone App

E-learning portals have become a place for students to learn from accredited teachers across the globe.




Learning has no barrier and can be pursued by anyone irrespective of the situation. E-learning portals have become a place for students to learn from accredited teachers across the globe. E-learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Masterclass provide a digital platform for students to learn through modules from the best teachers. Students will earn their certificates at the end of the course.

As an entrepreneur, you will be looking for the best options to invest in a business. E-learning apps are gaining immense recognition in recent years, which is a good sign of the lucrative nature of the market. Udemy clone script will be a great option to start your business in the E-learning platform. 

We are here to help you provide every detail you need to know about before launching an Udemy clone app.      

A glimpse on how Udemy provides a complete E-learning platform  

In general, E-learning apps provide a platform for individuals to learn from a comprehensive list of courses from teachers globally. Students can participate in lectures from well-experienced tutors. Udemy was launched in 2010 as online learning and teaching app. In the present scenario, Udemy has around 50 million students and offers about 150,000 courses. 

Udemy offers a plethora of courses in its platform for individuals. At the base level, you need to know about the working model of the standard Udemy app. 

Working model of the Udemy app.

  • Both the students and the tutors should first register with the app

  • The users can browse through the app and find their courses and their materials 

  • The students can pay their fee for the course in case if it’s a ‘pay and learn’ course

  • Once registered with the course, the students will receive their schedules

  • The app will award the students with course completion certificates 

How to develop an app like Udemy?

Udemy was launched to provide an E- platform for the students to connect with their tutors and learn different courses. In 2021, Udemy offers around 155,000 courses for people. The number is too big, right? Yes, that is how Udemy has grown up till today. Developing an Udemy clone script is not an easy task.

Firstly, you have to jot down the aspects you got to cover with the app. Secondly, you have to pick -up top features for the app. Thirdly, you must focus on the business model and finally, you have to approach the developers to develop your Udemy clone.  

Aspects of being covered in your Udemy clone app

Jot down the aspects that will be covered by your Udemy clone app. This will give you ideas to proceed further.

  • Udemy is known for offering a comprehensive list of courses for students. So, brief down the courses and subjects you would cover-up in your app.

  • The online courses should be supported 24/7 for the tutors without any hassles. 

  • Your Udemy clone should provide both free and paid courses for the students. 

  • As a result of live classes, many tutors and students find it challenging to manage the courses with low-quality videos. Many portals have introduced uploading pre-recorded lessons. 

  • The study materials have to be accessible for the students to download from the app.

  • The Udemy clone app should provide multiple access for the students to use mobile apps and the website.

  • Udemy clone script should also focus on providing aids to business professionals also. Organizations can also use this portal to train their employees.

  • The app should provide a facility for the students to view the contents effortlessly whenever they want.

  • The app should be interactive to keep the students engaged. For instance, you can conduct quiz sessions to know the productivity of the students. 

  • As an E-learning platform, it is your responsibility to check the attentiveness of the students. You can frequently conduct forum discussions and writing tasks for them.

  • The app should provide course completion certificates for the students.  Earning certificates in this medium will result in the fetching of good job opportunities for the enrollers.

Enticing features to be incorporated in an Udemy clone script.    

  • Featured-homepage 

As an E-learning app, you have to attract large users for your app. So, your app should feature the list of courses you offer on the homepage. This will attract the users to participate in the classes actively. 

  • Easy registration 

The users can register with the app by providing their email id, phone number, and passwords. Through social media integration, you can enable the users to register using their social media account.

  • Profile and account creation 

The users can create their profile by either mentioning it as a student or as a business employee. Their profile will hold a record of their activities and course performance.

  • Advanced searches and filters

An E-learning platform like Udemy provides a vast number of courses for the students. Do you think it’s easy to find the desired course through scrolling down? Therefore, an advanced search option is mandatory for the users to browse through the lessons.

  • Multiple payment methods 

Every user is different from the other. Hence, it is essential to provide more than one payment method for the users to make their payments according to their feasibility.

  • Feedbacks and reviews

The app should enable the users to give honest reviews and feedback from their classes. As a result, the app will identify the issues and provide better solutions.

Wrapping up,

E-learning is the new normal globally. With these E-learning platforms performing at a high pace, it will be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to flourish in the market. Entrepreneurs can approach the best developers from the town to develop their Udemy clone script.



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