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Led by Talibe Sokhna BlocFx is Simplifying Global Money Transfers in Africa

Ahmed Raza



Global money transfers in Africa are complicated, slow, and expensive. Access to financial services in Africa remains a major concern. Businesses have several challenges when it comes to money transfers in an ever-changing financial environment. BlocFX is positioned to alter Africa’s financial environment by making commercial transfers accessible, simple, and fast. 

BlocFX’s Aspiration

BlocFX aims to transform worldwide business money transfers by encouraging financial inclusion and providing transparent, quick, safe, and affordable transactions. BlocFX provides numerous payment options for invoices to satisfy client preferences and transaction requirements. 

The platform’s payment choices are intended to provide maximum flexibility and a smooth experience for consumers. Clients can pay their bills in the currency of their choice thanks to the support for numerous currencies. BlocFX connects transactions within its network rather than through regular forex methods. For example, a seller in Senegal can sell to a customer in France and receive payment in CFA francs within 48 hours.

Talibé Sokhna, the CEO of BlocFX, is the driving force behind this creative and strategic method. His vision and leadership fuel BlocFX’s objective to simplify and expedite commercial transfers, empowering businesses across Africa.

BlocFX leverages the size and reach of its network to provide rapid availability, swift and competitive currency exchange in over 50 currencies, and complete end-to-end security.

BlocFX is not only altering the game; it is rewriting the rules. BlocFX, led by Talibe Sokhna, is altering Africa’s financial landscape by making commercial transfers more effective and accessible, allowing firms to thrive in the global market. 

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Why choose BlocFx? 

With BlocFx, one can confidently send and receive money securely with no hidden costs, all delivered swiftly and seamlessly worldwide. It has numerous benefits, including:  

  • Payment security: BlocFx is FCA-regulated, and your money is secured by the Bank of England.
  • Low cost: BlocFx offers secure savings and 5x lower FX rates than traditional banks.
  • Quick delivery: Get your money where it needs to be as quickly as possible with BlocFx.
  • Multiple currencies: BlocFx provides the facility to instantly send, receive, and exchange 65 currencies around the world.
  • Premium service: Get exceptional quality service with a dedicated account manager.
  • Quick access to funds: Enjoy instant access to your funds anytime, anywhere, with our debit card.

BlocFx’s Service Catalog

BlocFx Services revolutionizes the landscape of global money transfer and outperforms the competition by a large margin.

Some of the potential services that BlocFx could provide are: 

No Fuss Banking

  • An interview or branch visit is not needed.
  • 100% online onboarding
  • EU/UK address and/or VAT registration are needed.
  • Instant account opening 

Account features

  • Multicurrency accounts (support for 65+ currencies)
  • Minimum deposit 
  • Fast account opening and a user-friendly process
  • Seamless high-volume cross-border payments
  • Favorable and transparent exchange rates 

Customers support

  • Specialized international trade support
  • Individual and SME-friendly support 

Security and privacy

  • High standards of privacy, security, and fraud protection protocols
  • Fast and technology-driven compliance procedures that understand your business

Getting started with BlocFx 

Opening an account is quite simple and easy. It takes only 15 minutes to begin with BlocFx. Let’s see the process: 

  • Register : Simply complete the quick form with your contact information.
  • Dedicated Manager: Expect a call from your dedicated account manager to initiate the verification and onboarding process.
  • Ready to Go: Your account will be running within 5 working days. Enjoy the experience of seamless money transactions. 

Empowering Financial Futures: BlocFx’s Commitment to Excellence

BlocFx is a beacon of innovation and dependability in the world of financial services. BlocFx’s diversified solutions and persistent dedication to client satisfaction enable individuals and organizations to confidently and easily manage the intricacies of today’s financial landscape. BlocFx is committed to providing cutting-edge services that fit its clients’ changing needs. As we move forward, BlocFx remains committed to redefining the industry’s standards of excellence, ensuring that every engagement with BlocFx leads to financial success and wealth.”

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