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Looking after yourself in a changing world – 5 ways to look out for your interests

Hugh Grant



Looking after yourself in a changing world - 5 ways to look out for your interests

The world is in a massive state of flux, with so much changing it can be hard to keep track. However it’s still important to look after yourself, so we’ve made this list of five tips to help you do that.

  • Looking after your own health

Especially in recent years, there’s been a backlash to the work culture which insists that you work yourself to the bone in order to be respected and successful in your career. The days of your colleagues bragging about how little sleep they’ve had and how much overtime they’ve worked are slipping away, and it’s time to start focusing on looking after yourself rather than burning yourself out. Whether this means taking a few minutes of mindfulness each day, working out a new workout routine, or starting a green press juice liver cleanse, there’s a route to better self care for everybody.

  • Knowing your worth at work

In a similar vein to point one, people are also beginning to take more notice of how their work is valued and so should you. Are you being fairly compensated for your time, for example, or being asked to perform duties outside of your job description? Do you keep getting passed over for promotions? Sometimes there are cases where you may realise that something in the past wasn’t right and feel the need to get in touch with an employment law firm to set things right – whatever you need to do, ensure you know what you’re worth at your employer and within your industry and advocate for yourself.

  • Supporting healthy business practices

Not all businesses are built equal and some industries have a central organisation like which details and works towards the industry standards that need to be met. Wherever possible, you should support healthy business practices as the more ethical businesses succeed, the more other businesses are likely to follow suit and behave more ethically themselves. Before you know it, ethical practices are the norm, and all employees, customers, and the environment are better off.

  • Staying informed

While not everybody has the time or energy to closely follow news stories, global issues, or current affairs, you should try and stay relatively well informed about your government and your industry. You never know when something is happening that might impact you,, and if you don’t keep a weather eye on the news you might not find out until it’s too late to make a difference or fight against unwanted changes.

  • Maintaining healthy relationships

Relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain – and not just romantic ones. Family and platonic relationships can be difficult to manage too, and they are some of the most important things in our lives. Because of this they can have a huge impact on our self esteem and happiness, so making sure you only hold on to the good ones is really important; make sure there is some part of the back of your mind that is always evaluating whether a relationship is still a net positive in your life. This doesn’t mean people or relation ships should be discarded if you aren’t directly benefiting; it simply means you should remain aware of whether a relationship is becoming toxic and actually causing harm to you and/or the other party.

Looking after yourself and your happiness is an ongoing responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be a chore once it becomes a habit. Work these five ideas into your life and you’ll be feeling this love in no time!

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