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Machine to machine technology is a broad term that describes any technology that has the capability to enable all networked gadgets to exchange information. The same gadgets are also in a position to perform various actions without the manual input or assistance of a human being. For M2M technology to function, it requires a number of components.

The elements needed to make it functional include Wi-Fi or cellular technology, a sensor, an autonomic computer software application (used in the interpretation of the data) and an RFID (Radio frequency identification. When assembled, this technology can be used in various sectors in a bid to help improve the lives of human beings. For instance, it can be used to better lives in these two primary areas.

1. The Health Sector

In the health sector, it has been programmed to work with assisted living home care systems. When used together with Telemonitoring, it makes it possible for a doctor to monitor the vitals of a patient outside the home parameters. In addition to offering monitoring, it can also be used to call for medical assistance in case a patient’s condition is deteriorating, by that making it possible for doctors to react much faster.

Medical quality has improved through the provision of remote monitoring services. If you are suffering from blood pressure, all your information including your weight scales and pressure measurements is relayed remotely via a mobile network to your physician. It automatically gets added to your existing health records from where it can be reviewed making it possible for your doctor to prescribe better treatment options for your condition.

2. Security

Humans have a basic need to feel protected at all times, especially in this age where there are all kinds of danger. It is this need to feel protected that makes M2M technology the best security addition to your home.

It provides two-fold security by making all existing systems more secure by using GSM technology. It achieves this by extending the range of all functions in a system.

M2M Tech also connects all sensors making it easier for them to transmit data. The fact that you can also configure, update and switch your system on and off from a far off location makes it easier to protect yourself and your family.

M2M Tech is not only useful in homes but will over the next few years become embedded in businesses.


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