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Meesho Clone App – Make Your Presence In The Social Ecommerce Platform By Launching A Unique Re-selling App

Social ecommerce platforms provide a whole new dimension for people to either start or develop their small businesses. Entrepreneurs can utilize this opportunity and start a re-selling marketplace app with the Meesho clone script




Reselling is not a new concept; it is prevailing everywhere. But now, what is so unique is that it has entered the digital platform where people create a marketplace and resell their products they purchase from the wholesalers. The arrival of social ecommerce platforms like Meesho took reselling to a whole new level.


Meesho is one of its kind that allows people to sell their products online with a good margin. Upon its launch in 2015, the app became a super hit among users. Today with the advent of the internet, just a laptop with a good marketing strategy, anyone can kick-start a business. A Meesho clone app is a perfect business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a venture. 


What makes Meesho perform successfully?


Initially, Meesho was started as a social cause to boost up homemakers to involve in entrepreneurship and to provide a scope for them to earn additional income for their family. Soon, Meesho extended its platform to medium-sized businesses to sell their products through the app. Over time, Meesho had a skyrocketing success by reaching a large number of users.


The statistics report of 2020 states that Meesho has generated a revenue of 80 crores INR with more than one crore users in India. Meesho works with social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, where the users can communicate with others regarding their products.


Scope for your Meesho clone app 


Meesho clone app, an alternative, is developed with the same distinctive features as the standard Meesho. As an entrepreneur, you can launch your Meesho clone app with less investment and gain more users. You can encourage small stores and individuals to participate in the marketplace to sell their products at a good margin. With your Meesho clone app, you can encourage people to sell their accessories, fashion items, artworks, cosmetics, etc.  


Many C2C marketplace classified platforms are available on the internet to sell their used items to others. But the business model of Meesho is unique, with which you can invite more users to participate in these buying and selling activities. With fewer investments, the entrepreneurs can earn good revenue from the app. Now, it’s time for us to discuss the monetization strategy of the Meesho clone app,


Commissions – This is one of the significant ways to generate revenue from ecommerce platforms. From the Meesho clone app, you get your commission from both the buyer and seller for using your platform for their deals.


Logistics fee – For shipment of the products, you can partner with companies, and you can collect payments from the buyers to deliver their products to their homes.


Featured listing – Sellers who want to feature their products on the top of the list can opt for this and pay an amount of fee to your app. By doing so, their products will be at the top of the search results of the buyers.


Workflow of the Meesho clone app


The Meesho clone app should work on the following workflow


  • The sellers can list their products on the Meesho clone app with necessary information about the product like its images, description, price, and more.


  • The users can browse through the app’s products and use the search option; they can search their desired products from the app.


  • Interested users who wish to buy the product can contact the sellers through chat options and can choose the buy option next to the product.


  • The sellers will get notifications regarding this and discuss it with the buyers. They can negotiate their price, and finally, after the conclusion is drawn, the buyers can order the products.


  • The users can proceed with the payment options, and the buyers will get the details about their shipment and receive their products to confirm the purchase.


Enchanting features of Meesho clone app


Cutting-edge features of the Meesho clone app are as follows


User’s app


User login page – The users can register with the app using their email address and contact number.


Search options – The users can search their products from the app and get a list of products to browse through. 


Categorize the preferences – The app users can select their desired categories based on their interests, and the page will display those products.


Seller details – The users can view the seller details in the app along with their product summary and history. This will help the users to analyze the sellers before buying their products.


Social media sharing – The users can resell their products to their friends or relatives through social media networks like Facebook or Whatsapp.


Review options – The Review option allows users to post their reviews about their product and buying experience with the seller.


Seller’s app


Registration – The sellers or resellers should first register themselves with the app. So, there should be a registration page for the users. The registration should be simple and accessible for the users to operate. 


Product management – The sellers can list their products on the app and the description, cost details, delivery products, images of the products, and shipment details.


Inventory management – The sellers can track their previous products and their delivery status. Along with this, the sellers can also add, view, and edit their product summaries.The sellers will have a record of all the products that are bought and sold by them in the app.


Order management –  The sellers can process their orders once the resellers have confirmed their payment.


Push notifications – The app will send notifications to the sellers to keep them updated with the promotions, offers, and alerts.


In-app chat – The app allows the sellers to chat with their resellers and through which they can clear all their doubts about the products. 


Wrapping up,

Entrepreneurs with a vision to start their venture can consider the business model of reselling apps that can initiate high returns with less investment. Meesho clone app will be the right choice developed with the features of the Meesho app. Interested entrepreneurs can approach the best team of developers to build their Meesho clone app.

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