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Meet Ikeaba Ebubechukwu who is working in the Web3 marketing world

Adriaan Brits



“I started investing in crypto around four years ago after being introduced to it by a friend. It was fascinating to see how social media was used to promote and grow many projects as I first entered. Crypto made me understand there was ever a social media application like discord, telegram and Reddit. Twitter was the centre of it all”.

Why use social media for crypto project growth?

Social media is like a global community that connects anyone with everyone regardless of language and nationality. Without social media, there will be no community. Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit are all social media outlets used to build a community in Web3.

Personally, my favourite is twitter because it is the largest and that’s where it all started for me. Twitter is open and you find every form of sentiment depending on the state of the crypto space, the latest updates, news, blogs, bear or bull market condition, solid gems, NFTs, etc.

What are some basic things a growth marketer should know before promoting a project?

To begin, it’s important to understand that doing growth goes two ways, you can have a personal account that can promote any project you want and you can have a fan account that can promote only a specific project. I recommend you verify which way the project you are working for would like to go about their growth. 

As a social media growth marketer in the crypto space the first thing I recommend to be done is to understand and be part of the project. The whitepaper, roadmaps, past events, possible upcoming launch, use cases, announcements, partnerships etc. 

Also, the difference between organic growth (shilling) a project and spamming a project. 

Shilling is creating or posting a content publicly which helps or gives credibility to a project without disclosing that the project has a close relationship with you.

Spamming on the other hand is shilling multiple times. This is a very big challenge for projects because the right growth marketers are not put in place or growths are not closely monitored, it might all be spamming damaging the imaging of the projects.

I will also love to talk about threads. Mainly on Twitter and Reddit, most audiences find it more appealing to read a thread than go through shills. With thread you can provide a series of connected information, updates about a project. I mostly recommend twitter threads to be 10 threads long so as to avoid it being overcrowded and boring to read. 

What are some tips you have used to draw audience impressions and engagement?

One of the most important aspects of social media is the audience, you don’t want to create solid contents to share to the wrong audience on social media it gives ZERO utility. Building an audience organically can be difficult but once gotten, it would be very valuable. 

My previous experience as a growth marketer I learnt how to gain good impressions on twitter with some tricks.  

1) For shilling, comment early:

The best time to drop a comment under an influencer’s post in my personal opinion should not exceed one hour after the post was made. For instance, you may observe some shills about 7 hours after the post was made; this may result in too little to no impressions or engagements on the post. Early shilling is a good way that works.

2) Use of relevant hashtags: 

The use of relevant hashtags like #DeFi, #HODL, #NFTs, #Web3, #BTC, #ETH, etc. depending on the fundamentals of the project to gain more impressions. This can be used on shills and thread but I personally prefer using them on thread.

3) Using trending coins:

This aspect is sometimes tricky and should be done with caution and wisdom as to know when to bring them in and still emphasise on the project you want to talk about. Trending tokens are mainly found on coingecko or coin marketcap.

What other social media outlets can be used for growth and how?

Aside from twitter, you can also use telegram, reddit and discord for Web3 marketing on social media.

As a newbie in crypto it was at first difficult to do a successful growth on telegram or discord communities because most times it is termed spamming this may lead to ban or your message would be deleted even if you didn’t drop multiple messages. There are ways to go about this. The best and most recommended is to join a related community to the project which you are working for and join the conversation. Meaning it’s unwise to join a DeFi community that has nothing to do with NFTs and speak about NFTs. This method can be time consuming and requires a lot of patience to execute but is very effective and you add value to the audience. 

For reddit you have to find the perfect niche or sub-reddit to post your content. Also it requires something called karma for posting. The higher your karma the more you gain posting privilege to communities. You can build karma by making quality comments which attract upvotes that increase your karma. From my experience I recommend using reddit to post threads(text) instead of shilling because the moderators are always on the watch. Also, it most times attracts down votes, your content removed and gets a ban if you spam. Continuous spamming will see your account get suspended or deactivated. 

Do you have any other successful means of growing a project on social media?

The answer is YES. The use of graphics can be very effective if done properly. 

Personally I feel memes are the most underrated means of communication that can be very useful to some audience. Memes are super attractive and most times the reader of your post might be more interested in the graphics or picture under your post than your post itself so if the picture can’t transmit the information then the audience loses interest. I recommend that every meme you create should have at least one fundamental about the project you are working on.

What are the challenges in social media marketing?

I think that would be being organic. It’s very important to do organic growth and not rely on bots to spam and possibly create a bad impression about the project and impressions are possible community members.

Can you name some of your favourite projects you’ve done growth for?

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work as a growth marketer for many projects like Phuture Finance, Polkastarter, Aergo, IoTex, and a marketing agency called Hype Partners. My favourite was Hype Partners because I learnt most of my growth skills and tricks through the experience.

What are your future plans in the crypto & NFT industry over the coming years?

It’s always exciting to see your next phase. The crypto space is like a growing planet that to me is still in its infant stage. I see myself improving, becoming the best at what I do to provide projects with the best growth strategies in web3 which is very important.

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