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Meet The Founder of ODM-FIT – Tobias Oyeyinka a.k.a TK

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According to an industry insight report, around 61,200 individuals were employed in the fitness sector during 2020. Fitness instructions make up just over 9% of the Sport and Recreation Activities industry workforce, one of which is Tobias Oyeyinka.

A young entrepreneur, HR manager, Bodybuilder, Fitness and Nutritional Coach and the Founder of ODM-FIT Pty Ltd. Tobias competed in the NABBA and WFF bodybuilding competition, and was placed first in his division. This achievement inspired Tobias, further inflaming his passion for the fitness industry. 

Pictured above: Tobias Oyeyinka

A Unique Business Model

Tobias also has his own company, named ODM-FIT and a fitness app. ODM-FIT App makes use of a unique business model, bringing fitness to the ever-busy corporate workplace and offers corporate fitness classes as well as yoga classes before, during or after working hours. The program ends off sessions offering a recovery smoothie for the employees so that they are energized and ready for work. Tobias has based this program on studies which have proven that training during work breaks has led increases in productivity, it boosts employees’ sense of wellbeing and boosts morale in the workplace and their personal life. 

The fitness app is user-friendly, offering over 2,000 different exercises. The app also is customizable, allowing users to create their own workout routine. Users can also request a customized fitness program, suited to their body type and goals, curated by Tobias.

Keeping You Fit on The Move

ODM-FIT or “ON D Move Fitness” was founded by Tobias. The company slogan “keeping you fit on the move,” aptly describes how this fitness initiative operates. We caught up with Tobias to gain some insight about him and the company. With a passion and goal to make fitness accessible to all population groups his main focus landed on the following categories:

  • Populations with busy schedules with little to no time for the gym
  • Populations that do not like to train in a traditional gym
  • The corporate workers with a sedentary lifestyle.

With a background of being an HR Manager, working on promoting mental health in the workplace, Tobias came to the realisation there was a lack of time, energy and motivation allowing employees, and people in general to exercise. Tobias Oyeyinka decided he wanted to combine his knowledge in both areas of HR and Fitness to create an easy, stress free, fun and motivating environment for the corporate world and general public. Hence, ODM “On D Move” was born.

A Word From The Founder

Tobias Oyeyinka added that: “You do not have to be a competitive athlete to stay fit, getting regular exercise will significantly improve your health, body awareness and self-confidence. 

Regular exercise has multiple benefits. It gets the circulation going, strengthens muscles and bones, reduces fat depositions, stimulates the brain, and reinforces the immune system to protect the entire body against cardiovascular diseases and the effects of aging on a long-term basis. Exercise also boosts our happiness hormones, reduces stress and anger. 

With our modern lifestyle, we can have everything delivered to us. We use cars, escalators, and food deliveries.  With everything so convenient, we spend most of our day sitting. Research shows that prolonged sitting is detrimental to our health.” 

ODM-FIT aims to assist their clients in their fitness journey, including assisting the workplace to promote good health within their organisation and improve employee engagement. 


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