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Messi’s Mysterious Black Box and His Possible Foray into Environmental Activism

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Environmental Activism

A signed black box, an enigmatic message, and a world-renowned footballer. These are the elements of the fascinating riddle that has captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide. The object in question? A large black box with Lionel Messi’s signature. 

Alongside his autograph, an intriguing invitation to “Join The Planet” is boldly displayed on the artifact, something that has sparked curiosity about the footballing GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and his possible venture into frontiers beyond the soccer field, including the realm of environmental activism and blockchain technology.

A Potential Glimpse into Messi’s Unannounced Initiative

Messi, who recently moved to the American soccer club Inter Miami CF, is a phenomenon whose every move sparks widespread interest on a global scale. This time, however, the focus isn’t on his soccer prowess but on a mysterious black box linked to him. Its origin, purpose, and connection to the star remain ambiguous, something that has fans and media outlets trying to unravel this peculiar mystery.

Piecing together clues from Messi’s recent social media activity, the sports legend recently posted a 33-second video on July 6th, symbolically kicking a can marked ‘pollution.’ The video also features a billboard inviting viewers to “Join the PLANET,” echoing the phrase found on the perplexing black box.

Lastly, it bears mentioning that on July 25, Messi’s new team Inter Miami CF’s Twitter handle also shared the aforementioned video, adding fuel to the fire that Messi is en route to launching a new environment-centric initiative.

A Nexus of Cryptocurrency, Environment, and Digital Influence 

When trying to link the dots, it seems as though the entire development is linked to a digital initiative called PLANET, a global movement employing the power of blockchain to combat social and sustainability challenges in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Interestingly enough, the official logo of the PLANET cryptocurrency project perfectly matches the one briefly displayed in Messi’s Instagram video, indicating a link between the two. PLANET’s unique approach involves partnering with influential celebrities to drive its mission. Given Messi’s status as being one of — if not — the most influential footballer, could he be one of the stars joining forces with the blockchain ecosystem?

PLANET’s Digital Ecosystem and Messi’s Involvement

Diving deeper into PLANET’s platform, it appears as though the initiative plans on creating a wide range of celebrity-backed Real World Assets (RWAs), including exclusive, limited-edition collectibles that will be offered for sale to the community in both traditional and cryptocurrencies. This novel strategy opens up an intriguing possibility: could Messi’s black box be one of these RWAs? Or is it part of another initiative – the Mystery Boxes, which contain random rewards for the PLANET community?


While confirmation of Messi’s involvement with PLANET is still pending, the array of connected clues strongly suggests his association. We’ve contacted the PLANET team for comments and will keep our readers updated on this exciting, unfolding story. As this mystery unravels, it paints a hopeful picture of celebrities like Messi possibly harnessing their influence to drive crucial sustainability initiatives.

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