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Micron Technology – A Turning Point in the Computer Industry

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Micron Technology, Incorporated is an American manufacturer of solid-state non-volatile memory and computer applications including random access memory, dynamic random-access memory (RAM), hard disk drive memory, and USB Flash drives. It is based in Idaho. Its consumer goods are sold under the names Crucial, HDD, and Cuda. The primary business of this company is manufacturing non-volatile memory products.

Micron introduced the NVDIA specification for Nonvolatile DIMs. This was followed by the development of NVDIA hard disk drive devices with built-in error correction and protection from electromagnetic interference. Later, these memory chips were integrated with other silicon fabrication technology and the new name, Nonvolatile Dynamic Linkage (NVLD) was applied.

Micron’s main customers are the notebook and desktop PCs, other personal computers, laptops, netbooks, all-in-one office machines, digital cameras and video cameras, high-end PICs, audiovisual equipment, automotive electronic, dental equipment, networking systems, medical equipment, and industrial automation. Their revenues have increased tremendously due to the popularity of their memory modules. Their flash ROM products now outnumber enterprise-grade ROMs. Their flash memory has reduced the rack size of various memory applications, which helps them in achieving higher revenues.


The business unit is divided into three segments, namely, peripheral electronics, enterprise, and stand-alone. Micron’s peripheral electronics segment manufactures peripheral components such as data recovery devices, I/O controllers, interface carriers, debuggers, resetters, etc., for desktop and system computer usage. Some of its enterprise system motherboards use the Micronix FDIM chips. This enables the motherboard to become more energy-efficient. The stand-alone segment manufactures flash memory chips for personal computers and other electronic devices and monitors.

For all these years, Micron has been making steady progress in the industry. It has become one of the leading suppliers of NAND flash chips, i.e., non-volatile memory devices. It has extended its market reach by developing various storage solutions. Its revenue from storage solutions has helped it to grow and concentrate on its core competency. Micron has developed a special process that minimizes heat dissipation. Through this process, the temperature is reduced, enabling the semiconductor device to work faster.

As per Q1 2021 report, Micron Technology has four business segments, namely, Foundry Business, Service Business, Wireless Business, and Personal Computer Business. According to analysts, Micron’s main strengths lie in its chip foundry business segment. They estimate that through this segment, Micron can increase its revenues by about 20% over the next five years. However, the revenue figures for other segments remain quite unconfirmed. So far, we can say that the memory chips manufactured by Micron are gaining ground in terms of customer satisfaction, profit margins, and overall profit.

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