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Migrate to Australia With General Skilled Migration in 2024

Ahmed Raza



Discover the ins and outs of general skilled migration from this article and access the tools and resources to assist you in your journey toward a new life.

The government body of Australia launched a general skilled migration program to persuade skilled migrants who have the promise and skills to elevate the Australian economy and fill the vacancies that local workers cannot.

A potential skilled migrant can hire the top service of an education consultant Perth, Australia, has to offer. With this visa, candidates can gain permanent residency in Australia.

This visa procedure follows a skilled system allocated through points, and the applicant must get at least 65 points to get approval for their visa application.

Continue reading through this article as we discuss all the factors in general skilled migration and the ways to apply for a skilled migration visa.

What are the Types of Skilled Migration Visa

The skilled migration visa in Australia is in 3 different divisions and categories. These categories include

Skilled Independent Visa

This type of visa is a permanent visa that allows an international worker skilled in specific expertise to live and work in Australia to meet and cover the skill shortage in particular areas of Australia.

This visa is focused and designed for international skilled workers who don’t have a sponsorship from Australian employers.

Skilled Nomination Visa

This is a type of skilled migration visa that permits or allows skilled professionals nominated to live and work permanently in Australia.

Approval of this visa allows the foreign worker to live and work anywhere in Australia for a particular period, usually for five years. After that, the candidate will have to apply for a nomination by the Australian state so as to gain permanent residency.

 Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa

This is a provisional type of visa given to international workers who want to reside and work in regional Australia. 

The period to which you can live and work with this type of visa is five years, and within this time, the c=applicants can have multiple entries to Australia, 

A candidate can apply for permanent residency in Australia after completing three years of residency there.

Eligibility Criteria for an Australian Skilled Migration Visa

All applicants and candidates are to meet the eligibility requirements before they can apply for an Australian skilled migration visa in 2024. 

The general criteria include;

  • You must select an occupation listed in the Australian skilled occupational list.
  • You must be fluent and proficient in the English language to get approval for your visa.
  • You must have a positive skill assessment report from a valid Australian Authority.
  • You are to have at least 65 points on the point-based system. This assessment involves certain factors such as age, skills, qualifications, and work experience.
  • Ensure you meet the health and character requirements set by the Home Affairs Department of Australia before you apply for the skilled migration visa. 

 How to Apply For an Australian Skilled Migration Visa

The Australian visa application procedures and processes are very difficult and challenging and need careful attention to get approval for a visa application. 

Below are the steps to take when applying for a skilled migration visa in Australia

Check Your Eligibility

The skilled migration visa in Australia has various entry or application streams, and each has its eligibility requirements and criteria. 

When traveling to Australia, ensure you check whether you have the necessary documents and meet the requirements for the particular stream before you apply for skilled migration in Australia.

Get a Positive Skill Assessment

A skill assessment measures and evaluates an applicant’s qualifications and valuable skills relevant to the occupation. Candidates need to acquire a positive skills evaluation for the chosen occupation.

The government in Australia has implemented strict processes and procedures for positive skill assessment to make sure only those who can positively impact their nation and the economy get approval.

Getting a positive skill assessment outcome is vital, and getting ready and prepared for this step is a must.

Submit an Expression of Interest

Submitting an expression of interest through skill selection is necessary and is the next step when applying for skilled migration in Australia. 

State your visa type and identify all the information in your expression of interest.

Receive an Invitation to Apply

Once you have submitted your expression of interest, patiently wait for the invitation notification from the Department of Home Affairs to begin the application for your visa.

If you obtain the required 65 points or higher, the department will send an invitation to you to submit your visa application. 

The higher the score you obtain, the higher the chance of receiving an invitation for an application for a visa.

Submit the Visa Application

After you have received a notification inviting you to submit your visa application, proceed to the website and fill out the requirements.

Attach the documents necessary for supporting documentation to the visa application form and then submit it.

Cost of Applying for a Skilled Migration in Australia

The skilled migration visa in Australia fee involves the main candidate charge and some additional applicant fees. The visa application fees include; 

  • The subclass 189 has a primary fee of AUD 4,640, and the extra or additional charge comes at a price of AUD 2,320.
  • Subclass 190 has a fee cost for primary applicants set at AUD 4,640, and the fee cost for additional candidates is AUD 2,320.
  • Finally, subclass 491 has a cost of AUD 4,640 and AUD 2,320 for both the main and additional applicants, respectively.

Aside from the mandatory fee applicants pay, candidates are also to pay some extra or additional charges for language assessment, skill examination, medical examination, and a police clearance document.

If there is still complexity when applying, it is advisable to hire a professional Visa agent or consultant as they are experts at the processes and procedures involved in a visa application.


They handle complex regulations and ease the information to applicants to ensure that there are no or minimal errors in the application.

A migration visa agent also increases the chances of [approval for your visa application because they understand all the tricks associated with visa application and the different methods and approaches to handling visa application.


The Department of Home Affairs is prioritizing the skilled migration visa to Australia to counter and overcome the shortage of skill and labor in regional areas of Australia.

The Australian government has a goal of approving a high percentage of skilled workers. Therefore, understanding the general criteria and requirements for visa application is key.

In this article, we shared all the information regarding the Australian skilled migration visa application and the requirements and steps to process a visa for skilled migration.

Apply now using the valuable insights from this post and receive approval for your visa application.

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