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Minimum Funding Achieved in Six Hours As The 21 Million Project Advisory Board Takes The Stage

21 Million is a Royalty Token and the first of its kind to gives Token holders a direct share of the income from a film or TV series




15th June, London, UK. Having achieved critical mass by raising almost 1700 ETH in just six hours, 21Million is pleased to profile three members of the Advisory team. 

As a recent series of Tweets by Ethereum luminary Vitalik Buterin highlighted, there is often a somewhat disingenuous use of Advisors as Marketing Figureheads in the headlong rush to complete Token Sales.  But The 21 Million Project is again breaking new ground by retaining (and paying) genuine talent to both advise on and provide substantial creative input to the end product – not just the ICO.

The 21 Million Advisory Board contains a wealth of experience outside of the crowd sale environment and includes Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA winning contributors. Not least of these is Musician & Producer Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, Arabic / English writer Mohammed Nassar and Producer / Director Gina Nemo, whose experience compliments the award-winning names of Joe D’Morais and Pat Younge on this maverick Indy TV Production Company’s Advisory Board.

Co-Founder & Creative Director David Lofts said “We are delighted that Martin, Mohammed and Gina have joined us. They’re all incredibly creative and talented people who will bring a wealth of experience to the show.  With the 21 Million Token Sale now well on its way it is incredibly gratifying to be getting support from entertainment industry insiders & rebels who genuinely want to help us create a new industry model.” 

Martin ‘Youth’ Glover is well known for producing soundtracks for School of Rock, The Covenant and Grand Theft Auto and has produced many of the world’s leading artists including U2, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Guns n Roses, Dido, Depeche Mode, Crowded House, The Cult, Primal Scream, The Verve, Embrace, The Orb, Tom Jones and The London Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Martin is also a founder of the anarchic gothic rock and post punk band Killing Joke, whose track ‘I Am The Virus’ is to be the 21Million theme tune and is the inspiration behind the entire project. He is a big supporter of the project’s ethos. As well as advising, he will be the show’s Music Supervisor and lead composer.

Gina Nemo – Born in New York and raised in Hollywood, Gina is the daughter legendary Jazz composer Henry Nemo.  After appearing in music promo films she received her break as an actress playing the award-winning role of Dorothy in the original 20th Century Fox series of 21 Jump Street, appearing opposite Johnny Depp. She is an accomplished songwriter and poet who now writes, produces and directs from her base in Los Angeles as well as running a highly successful Actors Studio in Ventura County. 

Nick Ayton, Lofts’ co-founder in the project, is enthusiastic about the Board of Advisors “Our Advisors cover the full spectrum of talent required to deliver a truly excellent end product, and far from being figureheads for raising funding they are an intrinsic part of the project as we move into the final phases of development.”

Mohammed Nassar is of Egyptian origin and a multi-lingual writer currently working for Smithsonian TV who splits his time between London and New York. Starting out as an advertising copywriter he worked with Lofts in Saudi Arabia, and his detailed knowledge of the Middle East region together with his humanitarian outlook make him a perfect advisor to the project as well as the ideal contributor to plot, character development and story lines.

About The 21Million Project

21 Million is a Royalty Token and the first of its kind to gives Token holders a direct share of the income from a film or TV series – and in direct proportion to their percentage of the total issue held by anyone who contributed to the sale. 

The 21 Million Management team will hold just 20% of tokens, which are locked in for eighteen months, meaning that 80% of the income from the end product will be redistributed back to the ETH community, who so far have put more than $600,000 into the project.

Says Lofts; “Hollywood just doesn’t work this way. The Hollywood system is rigged to allow it to keep as much as possible for those at the top – the studio owners, which means that the important people, the investors, the creatives, the cast and crew get stiffed when it comes to paying out percentage points or residuals. – The system absolutely sucks

21 Million Tokens will be tradeable, and in a completely Libertarian move on the part of the management team, all contributors, from Director to caterers, will be paid double their usual rate – once in fiat and once in 21M Tokens, giving them a vested interest and a guaranteed payout when the show is sold. 

Ayton adds;  “Because 21 Million conducts business on the public Ethereum Blockchain, it’s forever.  The only way it changes is if a member of the crew trades or spends their tokens, because the Royalty is transferrable with the Token. The film & TV business is a tough one to work in, so we’ll be issuing a 21M payment card too, which means that if anyone who works for us does get a longer period than usual between gigs, at least we’ve given them something to fall back on. It’s all part of decentralizing Hollywood”


For more information and details of how to contribute contact us: [email protected]

Twitter: @real21Million

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