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Mobile sites surpass desktop websites




Mobile websites are an offshoot of typical websites and they are tailored for mobile phones. They are basically a revamp of desktop websites which are adapted and shrunk for small mobile screens. Such sites feature less memory storage, low bandwidth, and the adaptation to fit with small and medium sized mobile screens.

At present, there is a rapid growth in the number of users who browse the internet via smartphones on platforms like Android, iOS etc and tablets.

Mobile sites Vs. Desktop websites

Distinguishing mobile sites and normal sites are observed in all features. The first instance is their screen size which ranges from a big magnitude in desktop screens to the medium sized tablet screens and the small mobile screens. The designers related to mobile websites weed out big images and sidebars, the latter of which are swapped with that of an expandable menu bar.

The second aspect is regarding accessing these websites, which are completely different. Desktop websites are accessed by laptop or a desktop with the further use of a mouse and keyboard. Whereas mobile sites are accessed via smartphones or tablets integrating touchscreen advancements in technology.

Current trendings in mobile websites:

In the March month of 2014, the number of desktop users was almost double the number of mobile-only users with the percentage of figures being 19.1 % and 10.8% respectively. Previously the mobile-only users leveled at 11.3 %, however, the internet-only users saw a drop to 10.6%

In October 2016, an analysis indicated that internet access via mobile or tablet products surpassed that of access via desktop with figures showing 51.3% for the former and 48.7% for the latter respectively. This signifies the growth in mobile web utility.

Attributes contributing to mobile website development:

Google noted that mobile websites will be given the first preference related to its SEO Ranking, which shows the priority in the development of mobile sites as compared to that of desktop websites.

Mobile websites permit the users to access the internet in low-speed connection without any hurdles, simplifying the use. Such sites can be accessed at any time, increasing its interactivity and an instantaneous response is generated as a result of using mobile websites, adding to their user-friendly efficiency.

Based on an analysis in 2016, nearly 5 billion people make use of smartphones around the globe which boosts the mobile web search and results in high internet traffic.

Further, the cost and time spent on designing such websites are less compared to the development of mobile apps.

Advantages of Mobile Web Sites:

Featured are several benefits which make the use of mobile websites better than that of normal websites.


Instantaneous Access:

Such websites are quickly accessed via iPhone, Android phones or tablets sans any hindrance and they promote the user-friendly aspect when evaluated with desktops

Faster download rate:

The download speed is fast in the case of mobile websites, which permit internet browsing in a jiffy.

Supplying good SEO operation:

Such websites give top rankings in the various search engines along with a refined search option in smartphones.

Increase the reputation

Mobile websites provide a good view of the brand to the users and promote acceptance of the organization among the wide spread of people.


Such websites can be accessed  with simplicity at any instant and location via mobile phones permitting increase in access and making the brand prosper.

Captivating Attribute:

Provided that the website is more enthralling, it would help the brand to increase the number of customers enchanted by the site.


Mobile websites enchant several users and it offers services which augment the user experience and contentment resulting in a good reputation of the brand as a consequence of its sophisticated mobile website.



Such websites are made available for all smartphone customers globally, which increases their adaptability and allows users to fetch their answers quickly. The cost and time incurred in developing such mobile websites are also relatively low.

The Consequence of integrating mobile websites into enterprises

At present, featuring a mobile website for any brand will bring a large number of potential customers and boost the customer loyalty. Such websites intensify the bond between the enterprise owners and clients.

Based on an analysis, mobile phone searches contributed to 70 % where  61 % of the searches resulted in an instantaneous response from users. Such websites as previously mentioned have to be user-friendly in order to boost their rankings in search engines. It is a good move in having a mobile friendly website for users to interact with the sites which would benefit the small and medium enterprises.

Small enterprses must revamp their websites in a revolutionary way to enchant more potential customers. Provided the mobile site is flexible and offers easy browsing, it would result in the user purchasing products from the particular company. It features details regarding the product and brands like address, path to the store, working hours and payment options, which if not provided will make the potential customers less interested.

Mobile sites which are observed on smaller screens constitutes less time of usage as compared to desktop websites. Hence the response from the website to the user has to be made much quicker, with less clunky graphics and pictures. Also, the details in the site must be short and brief with user interactivity as another prime focus while designing the website. With the massive expansion of smartphone users and searches via mobile web, the prosperity of small-scale businesses is firmly confirmed.

Author Bio : Pyramidion Solutions , a paramount mobile app development companies in Chennai , India. This Chennai based app development brand has ventured into several platforms namely iOS and Android to provide apps which are both interactive and useful for its end-users . It integrates the latest technological advancements and tools with the exhaustive experience and skills of its amiable and passionate developers.

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