Moldovian Blockchain Projects – Could The Blockchain Attract New Fintech Investments For Moldova?

Could CiviliXation Digital Economies become a game changer in the Republic of Moldova more so globally for smaller communities to attract investment and accomplish their vision and goals to improve Social Inclusion and Economic Inclusion.

Grant goes on to explain how he setup Moldova’s first exchange but, not focusing specifically on Digital Currency trading. The exchange can be used for remittance into Moldova and its core focus on Digital Cooperative shares in order supply fluidity and liquidity to Cooperatives more so enabling Micro Investment attraction into Moldova.

SubSudio has several different phases of its future development, which are laid out in full detail in their whitepaper and on their roadmap. They are all currently being worked on around the clock, behind the scenes, in readiness for their official grand opening launch in the first-quarter on 2020. 

Their core focus is on privacy and net-neutrality and the first flagship product that they are launching with is a brand new, highly advanced, search engine which offers unadulterated, organic, search listings once again; exactly like they used to be ‘back in the day’ before the major corporations monopoloised them into totally privacy-un-centric ‘cash-cows’ via advertising revenues and the selling of, and remarketing to, everybody’s, what should be private and confidential, personal information and data. 

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