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Moving Towards Paper-lite and Environmental Sustainability




Efficiency and productivity are two most cited goals that organizations try to achieve when paperless office concept and sustainability. Through effective change management, several companies today have already taken the initiative in minimizing their paper usage and improve their environmental footprint by adopting advanced technologies into their day to day operations.

Paperless Approach in Legal Industry

For instance, the legal industry has already started using technologies such as eTrials – which allows fast access to relevant documents before and during a trial- and advanced annotation devices. Though it seems like too radical for some law practitioners, these technologies are now helping the whole industry to save a lot of money from printing and storing bulks of documents and images.

This shift from the paper-based approach to paper-lite in the legal field helps speed up the trial process, saving both the legal firms, the court, and the people involved a significant amount of time and money in the long run.

More than Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Aside from increased productivity and efficiency, there are still some significant reasons of why you should implement the paperless approach in your business today.

First, the business sector, especially those who are still using obsolete systems- are the major contributor in the global paper waste today. In fact, a study conducted by The World Counts revealed that 50% of the waste of businesses is actually composed of paper materials. This alarming data is one of the major drivers that forces many businesses to move towards paper-lite as our environment takes an irreversible damage from our day-to-day operations.

It is also important to keep in mind that the “paperless” concept is not only for the purpose of improving efficiency and lessen the environment footprint of the company. As people continues to be more aware of the impact of their every purchase decision, and so is their decision when searching for alternative products or services that use less paper to manufacture- a shift which can indirectly affect your cash flow negatively or positively.

Going Paperless: Making More Client Success Story

In the legal sector’s perspective, eliminating or minimizing the paper-usage brings a lot of benefits both for law firms and the clients. Going paperless helps the both parties to efficiently manage all the important documents quickly, while at the same time, save valuable time and money on papers, ink, and file storages.

As for lawyers, the effort to go paperless- or at least minimize the use of paper translates to a variety of benefits. It can lower the cost of labor, which means that more clients will consider your service. Managing documents will also become easier, alongside with more efficient and faster communication with the client. Overall, it can make the lawyer-client relationship much stronger and better in the long run.

Communication and sharing of documents with clients are also much faster using technologies such as Document Management System and Dropbox – resulting into an impressive legal service and faster litigation process. If you want to learn more, check this infographic from Law In Order and see how you can make your business more environmentally-responsible today.

Moving Towards Paperlite and Environmental Sustainability


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