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Multi-mode Baseband Unit (BBU) Market Research Methodology Focuses on Exploring Major Factors

  • Baseband signals are also called low pass signals. These signals are capable of frequencies that are close to zero, by evaluation with its maximum frequency. In signal processing and telecommunications, baseband signals are transferred without modulation of the frequency, i.e., without any change in the range of frequencies of the signal.
  • Bandwidth of a baseband is equivalent to the maximum frequency of a system or signal. A wire-less telecom station consists of the RF processing unit and the baseband (BBU) processing unit (remote radio unit – RRU).
  • The baseband unit is placed in the equipment room and connected with RRU via optical fiber. The BBU is responsible for communicating over the physical interface. BBU possesses the following characteristics: small size, low power consumption, modular design, and easy deployment.

Advanced technologies Boosting Adoption of Multi-mode Baseband Unit (BBU)

  • Flexible networking can be achieved with the help of multi-mode baseband unit, as all IP structures are involved. The penetration of pad BBU is increasing due to the small volume, low power consumption, and high density.

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  • Pad BBU also makes the least noise other BBUs. It can be used in natural heat dissipation and IP65 protection applications. 

Compact Design and Green BBU Driving Need for Multi-mode Baseband Unit (BBU)

  • Newly designed multi-mode baseband units have smaller design and are feasible to use, as they take up lesser space. Compact BBU also consumes less energy. Furthermore, it is easy to carry.
  • Compact BBUs can be easily mounted on walls or poles and do not need any separate cabinet for storage. It can also be flexibly installed near the RRU. This helps lower optic fiber expenses.
  • Many BBU are environment friendly; they are manufactured with the least carbon footprint and cause less harm to the ecosystem.
  • Manufacturing of such multi-mode baseband units are environment friendly and can generate more sales as compared to the regular units.


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