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Naked Revival™ Sheds Light on the Dark Side of the Wellness & Consumer Lifestyle Industry

Amanda Wayne



Joel Primus and his company Naked Revival™ have a unique take on wellness – one that involves possibly evolving past their products one day.

According to athlete, author, entrepreneur, and award-winning documentary producer Joel Primus, much of the wellness industry – along with other sectors – have lost their way.

“The darkness of capitalism and pop culture on social media have clouded two of the important pillars of a healthy life: a healthy self and healthy communities,” says Primus

He continues that on the one hand, consumers are #wellnesspilled, so to speak, by clever marketing campaigns – subtly driven by influencers into thinking there is some quick fix magic pill out there that will make them young and smart. “On the other,” he says, “wellness-seeking individuals are somehow considered selfishly misguided from the real social and economic concerns plaguing our world.”

Of course, like almost everything in the siloization and social media echo chambers of our post modern times, it’s not one or the other. A point Primus’ routine makes on both his personal blog and, recently, on the popular Toronto-based podcast Seeking Success

“It’s always both and neither, because they miss the point of what wellness is all about,” he says. Which seems to be a consistent, part spiritual, part philosophical, part common sense message he rather calmingly conveys in the least activist way he can (yes, he wrote a blog about that as well). 

Because – according to Primus – the idea of “you do you” and “your truth” and all the buzz terms thrown around these days seem to unfortunately be tied up in and corrupted by the general hysteria and virtue-signaling that drives clicks and (and dollars).

As that relates to wellness, Primus makes a salient point: “The ancient Egyptians and Greeks cold-plunged,” he says. “Scandanvians did hot saunas and then rolled around in the snow. Self care, routines, and rituals are as old as humans and have been a way to cultivate the self, prepare for important events and gather together in community.”

People, he explains, are trying to reconnect to wellness, routine, and better products as a response to how difficult the world is today. A big difference between then and now, and crux of the uglier side of it, is that wellness – including personal growth, spirituality, overall health, and longevity – are practically sold as some sort of moral virtue now as opposed to natural human habit. And much of it is snake oil, preying on those who are vulnerable due to contributing societal conditions. 

So, naturally, the question is: what are you doing and how is it any different than what you are railing against?

Previously, Joel Primus was the founder of the popular underwear brand Naked. His entrepreneurial journey went from a TV show business pitch on Dragon’s Den to raising $15 million, uplisting on the NASDAQ, and then divesting the company to Bendon Lingerie in 2018. Before all that though, Primus was an elite runner and self-prescribed wellness nut since he was 14 years old – ice bathing, taking supplements, doing yoga and meditation, working with sports psychologists and reiki practitioners alike. Anything to help align his body and mind to rigorous training and the pressures of performance at the highest level. 

Through Naked Revival™, Joel merges his passion for wellness and high-quality products into a unified vision. By curating a routine-based shopping experience for health-motivated individuals, he seeks to simplify the wellness journey in today’s saturated market, with tailored solutions and only the highest quality essentials for individual lifestyle needs. 

Naked Revival™ addresses the challenge by offering customers a selection of Warrior Lifestyles (Urban, Coastal, Country, Nomadic) and providing a curated suite of products (and eventually experiences) that align with their wellness objective (intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical). This bespoke approach lets shoppers tailor their routine according to their preferences or needs. It simplifies their shopping experience while providing quality items necessary to kickstart their wellness journey.  

Naked Revival™ embraces authenticity and transparency in every aspect. “From the ingredients in our products to the messages we convey, our ‘Naked’ approach serves as a guiding philosophy for us, stripping away the unnecessary, the extraneous, and the artificial to reveal what truly matters,” says Primus.

He adds that the brand’s approach, beyond just the physical aspects of the products, involves a mindset of simplicity and honesty in everything. “We strive to make wellness approachable for everyone, removing barriers and complexities that often accompany self-care routines,” Primus explains.


There will be more underwear and t-shirts available. The brand will span premium intimates and apparel made in Canada, Europe, and Japan; health supplements sources from the highest quality and most bioavailable ingredients; home goods; immersive content; and digital and in-person experiences. Naked Revival™ is designed to guide customers towards only essentials that empower success and eliminate any guesswork.

While the company ensures its products are ethically sourced for top quality, Joel Primus openly admits they are not a cure-all. He sees them as helpful steps in a broader health journey, potentially leading to a point where they are no longer needed, highlighting his commitment to transparency in an industry often prone to exaggeration. 

“There is an old Buddhist teaching that essentially says, don’t mistake the finger pointing to the moon for the moon itself,” Primus says. “The moon itself is the better life, the better way to live, is the sense of wholeness and contentment. The finger pointing to the moon is just one of many ways to get there. If we become obsessed with the way there, we can lose sight of the moon.” 

Naked Revival™ routines

Consider a routine and its products as merely guides, not solutions, says Primus. They can direct us toward a better self, but the real answer lies within us. While these routines and products can support, invigorate, and bring joy to our personal and professional lives, they are not definitive solutions. “As we evolve, so might our needs and practices, but ultimately, these are temporary tools to be outgrown,” Joel says.

The company believes that by striving to be our healthiest selves, despite knowing perfection is unattainable, we can foster healthier relationships, communities, and societies. Engaging in wellness activities like cold plunges, meditation, or nature walks might reduce our inclination to engage in online negativity or contentious debates, promoting more positive interactions instead.

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