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National Bank of Yemen goes live on ICSFS core system




National Bank of Yemen (NBY) has gone live on the ICS Banks Universal Banking platform from ICSFS.

The deal was delayed by political instability in Yemen

NBY, a state-owned institution with 27 branches in its home country, launched the core modernisation programme back in May 2017 after signing with ICSFS in 2012.

At the time of the selection the bank’s managing director Ahmed Ali Ben Sanker said the process had been a long one full of challenges.

The 2012 project stalled at first due to political instability in the region, leading to it being renewed five years later.

“ICS Banks’ innovative and best-in-class technologies introduced – for the first time in NBY’s history – a major paradigm shift in our banking services,” says Sanker of the go-live.

“We have replaced our old legacy system with ICS Banks’ comprehensive banking software solutions, which significantly saved time.”

The managing director adds that the bank has been “astounded” with the software’s “integrated design” and “ease of data inclusion.”

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Robert Hazboun, managing director of ICSFS, says NBY possesses a “strong banking and financial position in Yemen.”

He adds that ICSFS is looking forward to being the technology partner for NBY into the future.

The vendor won a deal with Ethiopia-based Nisir Microfinance in January, beating what it claimed were “five global leading companies” to the punch. Oromia International Bank, also went live with ICSFS in August 2019.

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