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Reputable and credible SEO companies do not employ these techniques. These are perpetuated by individuals who want to rise to top ranking by causing a tragedy on other websites. The knowledge of these negative tactics is crucial to every webmaster. The following techniques reveal the forms that negative SEO can take.

Techniques for Negative Search Engine Optimization

1.Hacking a website to affect its ranking and SEO strategies.

2.Stuffing a competitor site with links. This is accomplished through buying links from link firms and pointing them to the target site. The result of this is low ranking.

3.Reporting black hat SEO tactics by a competitor.

4.Bombing reviews by posting lots of five star reviews on a site. This will convince search engines and humans that those reviews are fake and were paid for. Consequently the site is penalized.

Businesses and companies have continually condemned these tactics. They have expressed concerns that negative search engine optimization could result to major losses in future. The following techniques will protect your website from these attacks.

• Review your website metrics regularly to detect any changes as they occur.

• Rectify incidences of paid links that are directed to your site. When done quickly, search engines will not penalize or hold you accountable.

• Establish strong domain authority and popularity. This will minimize the effect of negative SEO on your site.


• Update sitemaps regularly and link them to your webmaster tools account. This ensures that new content is spidered regularly.

• Monitor your site for unnatural links by connecting your site to Google Webmaster Tools. This makes it easy for Google to identify and alert you on any spammy links. Google will also help you remove their importance.

• Check Google alerts regularly to stay current with your site’s feedback. Report any abnormality such as improper review generation. This is because lots of reviews posted in a short time are not credible.

• Secure your content authorship using rel=canonical tags. This will prevent duplication of your content.

Catch negative search engine optimization by keeping your SEO efforts up-to-date. Regular monitoring will allow early detection of these tactics. Instead of fearing negative SEO attack, be vigilant and use the above techniques to protect your site.

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