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New Basketball Battle Royale Game to Provide Real Physical Awards, Bragging Rights

Priya S



A New Game that is described as “Dance Meets Basketball”, is currently testing in Beta, but has pushed the release date to Holiday 2023. Dance Basketball Tournament Royale from Metaverse Gaming received overwhelming interest in its second round of beta testing after the announcement that it would become the first video game to provide real-life trophies and rings to winners of actual tournaments in the future. This takes bragging rights to a new level. The developers didn’t provide much information but stated that there would be tournaments aimed at different skill levels and all will be reviewed to see if any cheating occurred during the tournament.

Winners would have to be over eighteen or have a parent provide their information as the trophies and rings would be mailed. It is believed that most tournaments would be free, but others would also have certain requirements to enter. To show how the game and display the first championship rings, Metaverse Gaming set up four “invitation only” tournaments that included streamers, former NBA 2K pros, and loyal beta users.  After the live-streamed tournament, the winners, Keith “legendary” Simpson, Lani “bulls23greatness” Taylor, Jamaal “glass cleaner” Anderson, and a fourth known just as “butterfingers,” were each shown the custom rings they would receive.  The developers provide updates mostly on their “Metaverse Gaming” Facebook page and specified their goal is to get the full release in the year ’23, for obvious reasons.

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