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New Streaming Multimedia Entertainment Software Company With Video Processing and Multiscreen Hardware Solutions

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




AWS Elemental, previously known as Elemental Technologies, is an online software company based in Portland, Oregon, and currently owned by Amazon Web Services, which specializes in the multichannel video. At the time of this writing, it has raised over $90 million in financing. I have been following this company for some time now and I believe they are one of the most successful online businesses to come out of the Internet. Their website is impressive and their products are very appealing.

There are many things that make up this impressive online business. It started as a company dedicated to providing cloud computing solutions. This means that you can access your data from any computer without having to worry about the operating system, software, or hardware. AWS media services developed a series of different cloud solutions to meet the unique needs of the consumer.

They are now offering multiscreen services that combine technologies like AWS’s own Simple Syndication along with their own Data Synchronization software solution called Data Synchronization Manager (DSM). They also use AWS’s own Real-Time Video Platform (RTP) to enable live streaming of content. All of these technologies together allow users to easily stream rich multiscreen content through webcams. The impressive part of elemental’s offering is that it integrates all of these services into a single solution for fast and real-time content delivery.

Another important area where elemental has been successful is its ability to provide a fully-featured multi-screen solution for pay-TV operators. It has integrated many advanced features that are aimed at solving the problems of both pay-TV operators and Internet video makers. elemental software-defined video solutions are designed to provide fast and real-time content delivery on multiscreen stations. Its hardware is based on industry-standard SFP modules that are able to process large volumes of data at high speed.

Many television network providers and content producers are already using multiscreen content delivery systems to reduce operational costs and control bandwidth utilization. They use this technology in their systems to deliver multi-stream media across multiple devices, including personal computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, digital signage, and the Internet. This allows them to manage multiple streams at the same time, which dramatically reduces operational costs and lowers the overall monthly bill. They can also manage their content library on a per-view or a cost-per-view basis, depending on their agreement with their content providers. The unique feature that makes this system more attractive to operators is the fact that it does not need any additional hardware or software to run.

Elemental Technologies is positioned to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in the cloud environment. We believe that the company has the right business model to deliver a comprehensive range of multiscreen solutions to both small and medium-sized enterprises. As we continue to evaluate potential customers, we will continue to closely look at the company’s leadership position, management team, and business model. We also encourage entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to take a close look at our technology and multiscreen system offerings.

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