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New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Want To Keep




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The truth is, a New Year starts every day. You are in a position to determine your vision for the next 365 days any day of the week, month or year. Because everyone celebrates a shared calendar, January 1st is a mere convenience with the magical promise of childhood yore that everything can – and really will! – change this year, given the untold promises the future may hold. But beyond the fireworks, every day has to contribute to the start of “another New Year” in order for things to truly change in the long run.

When you set your New Year’s resolutions, consider the following:

1. Different Categories

Objectives can be visualized in different categories. Start with the great and the small. The great includes things that simply have to be accomplished this year – finish that Master’s degree, propose to your girlfriend, develop that business model, and so forth. Set arbitrary dates for such objectives to be completed. The small includes things that have to be worked on every day, and where success will be incremental and can only be measured by actively doing them: do sports to lose weight, build connections, grow the business, etc.

2. Realistic Strategy

That done, a realistic strategy for the progress of activities should be put in place. This is best done at a weekly pace, with the planning allowing space for unforeseen circumstances. Rhythm is good, as it develops habits. And the more good habits are in place, the less discipline is disturbed.

3. Allow For Spontaneity

As the chart below indicates, once you’ve set your objectives and have a reasonable plan to realize them, allow for spontaneity. Unexpected things will always happen. But also be sure to do things that give you pleasure around the things you’ve disciplined yourself to do. The more you feel like you’re in the process of achieving your objectives, the more enjoyment you’ll get from downtime activities or simply doing something random and spontaneous.

Oh, and: Happy New Year!



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