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Next Generation Fire Shelter Market Insights, Growth, Export Value, Sales, Pricing Forecast

Next Generation Fire Shelter Market Introduction

A next generation fire shelter is used when a firefighter gets stuck in heavy fire and needs to deploy a shelter. Next generation fire shelters are made of a double layered blanket with materials such as Kevlar, aluminum foil, and Nomex, which cover the firefighters from radiant heat i.e. the heat coming from the sun, and direct heat i.e. the heat in the form of flames. Next generation fire shelters reflect nearly 95% of radiant heat, and with direct heat, the shelter can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It begins to melt in the event of anything hotter than the tolerance limit of the fire shelter, and the firefighter is thus exposed to danger. Firefighters are trained to deploy a fire shelter in less than 30 seconds, but supervisors advise to use them only as a last resort.

Cascade Fire Equipment

Cascade Fire Equipment was established in 1985 and is based in Medford, Oregon, the U.S. It has been supplying safety equipment to fire agencies and keeps local businesses equipped as per the safety codes. Cascade Fire Equipment provides a full range of fire tools and equipment, acting as both a supplier and manufacturer.

Increasing Employee Safety Standards Across Industries Driving the Usage of Next Generation Fire Shelters

Employee safety standards are increasing worldwide. The number of companies that are likely to recognize the need to adopt next generation fire shelters is estimated to surge in the next few years. The growth rate might be sluggish for next generation fire shelters; however, managing a significant database of safety regulations and compliance would be top priority. This driver is anticipated to have a positively high impact on the next generation fire shelter market in the near future with customization and up-to-date database of regulations.

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Suggested to be Used as a Last Option Expected to Hamper the Growth of the Next Generation Fire Shelter Market

It is always suggested that a fire shelter be used as a last resort if the intended safety zones or escape routes become insufficient and entrapment could be just around the corner. Carrying a fire shelter is never to be taken into consideration as a substitute to safe firefighting. Though the next generation fire shelter gives better defense against fire, it is still considered a last resort, which makes it a restraint for the market. In 2005, Canada forbid its firefighters from using fire shelters, since the officials believe, it gives a firefighter a false hope of protection.

Lack of Funding Hampers the Growth of the Next Generation Fire Shelter Market

The biggest constraint for the next generation fire shelter market is lack of funding for purchasing and designing a next generation fire shelter that holds up to higher temperatures for longer time periods and is lighter in weight. It has been observed that there are few agencies that still use shelters that were issued in 1970s.

Lack of awareness about usage and training, increased size and weight of the next generation fire shelter (as compared to the old fire shelter) also hampers growth of the next generation fire shelter market.


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