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Nuances of Crypto Faucets

Priya S



Cryptocurrency is a celebrated term for the last several years. The value of cryptocurrency skyrocketed in recent decades and it is generally considered the coin and currency of the future. 

This popular attraction towards cryptocurrency has been brought to the attention of many market players and ever since it has been the center of attraction, many market players had made it a point to make enough changes in their transaction system to add several reputed cryptocurrencies as a mode of transaction. 

There are also crypto influencers who have started offering cryptocurrencies as a reward or bonus to gain maximum popularity and reach online.  

What exactly are crypto faucets?

Crypto faucets are such websites and mobile or smart gadget applications that offer cryptocurrencies in feeble amounts as a reward or winning a prize on their respective pages or sites. The name crypto faucets are based on the fact that the amount of cryptocurrency earned from these websites is mostly small and limited in nature, just like the fewer drops of water gained from a leaking faucet. 

Crypto faucets do not offer the currencies for free. They expect the people to play games on their sites, watch promotional videos, take part in surveys, or do various small tasks assigned to them there. On completing the assigned tasks and games, the user will get some cryptocurrency as a reward. Although the mentioned tasks are simpler, they are quite time-consuming, and it is for this time that users are paid.

As cryptocurrencies are transacted via an online medium, these free crypto faucets enable respective wallets for the users into which they transfer the concerned number of cryptocurrencies. As the number of cryptocurrencies is quite a few each time, the crypto faucets make it a rule to not withdraw the currencies from the wallet until it reaches a specific amount. Some of them also offer the option to convert the wallet money into any other currency in exchange for general use. 

The purpose of crypto faucets

It may seem strange to many as to why these crypto faucets offer cryptocurrencies for such simple tasks. But the original intention behind them is to create maximum popularity for digital money like cryptocurrency among the general public so that they will most likely know more about such novel exchange options and may even invest in some. So, marketing for cryptocurrency is all that these faucets do. 

The users are just required to enter their details to get logged in to a crypto faucet and a wallet will be created for you instantly. Any transactions on that particular page will be happening only through the specific wallet that was created for you. 

The scope of crypto faucets

The crypto faucets came into existence almost a decade ago, in 2010. It was during that time that cryptocurrencies came into the forefront as a possible currency and the creators of it were required to clear the air regarding the currency and had to prove the authenticity and safety of such digital currencies. It is how crypto faucets were created to spread awareness about digital currencies and also to reduce the inhibitions that people had on the transactions and handling of a cryptocurrency. 

Crypto faucets also provide a platform for much general public who are still not clear as to where to obtain authentic cryptocurrencies. Presently there are faucets that offer various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. as their rewards.


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