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United States President Barack Obama has ditched his BlackBerry phones, but the replacement given to him will surprise you. It may sound like an upgrade to some people.  However, the president now says he’s using something similar to child’s play phone.

BlackBerry– previously RIM – was once highly used by government and businesses keen on protecting their mobile phones and content stored within. However, today we have experienced many changes, and the company is fighting against rivals such as ramped-up Android and Silent Circle on security to stay competitive in enterprise market. Today, the once great device is not prized that even President Obama has been told to ditch the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry devices are able to take photos, play music, record video and also offer functions such as email messaging, Web-browsing and instant messaging.

When he attended the Tonight Show, the president told Jimmy Fallon that he no longer carries a BlackBerry. Instead, he have an unidentified smartphone that, for security reasons, can’t play music, make phone calls,  take photos, or even send texts.

The  president narrated how he watch enviously as his wife and daughters use modern smartphones while he’s required  to have only a feature-poor device. However, the most powerful man in the world can take heart, in few months’ time his term as the president will be over and he will be allowed to be a “high tech guy”

“I was the first US President to have a BlackBerry, and many years passed with no one else having a BlackBerrys,” the president told Jimmy Fallon. “Finally this year I was told: ‘Good news Mr. President, we’ve decided to provide you with a state-of-the-art phone instead of a BlackBerry…it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t photos, and you can’t play your music on it.”

There was much fuss about Barack Obama being the fist “high tech US President” when he entered White House with his iconic BlackBerry in 2009. At that time, the phone was still very popular and enjoyed more than 55% of United States smartphone market.

Although Android and iPhone handsets grew fast in popularity after 2009 due to their touchscreens and extra functionality, the U. S. President decided to remain with the BlackBerry thanks to its reliable security features. Later, the president’s mobile device was modified to make it more secure. In 2014, the White House revealed it was examining Android’ phones security in order to use them. However, according to a report that was released few months ago, many White House aides use iPhones.

Some years ago, BlackBerry has been considers one of the major smartphone seller in the world, focusing on mobile productivity and secure communications. In 2013, there were about 85 million BlackBerry subscribers in the world. That number dropped steadily and in 2014 the BlackBerry subscribers were only 46 million.

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