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Ometria is an e-commerce analytic startup based in London.




Ometria is an e-commerce analytic startup based in London. Founded in 2013, their main objective is to give online retailers an intelligence solution that allows them to increase customer value and revenue.

The mission of Ometria is to make the brain that powers all communication between retailers and customers. The company helps retailers leverage data to build comprehensive customer profiles and ensure that all messages they send are relevant, resulting in higher engagements and increased revenues. Founded by four serial entrepreneurs, with experience in e-commerce, mathematics, SaaS and computer science, the company is used by leading retailers in the UK, Europe, and across the world.

Like numerous other early stage firms, Ometria began growing their business through emailing, networking and calling their contacts to find prospects and generate leads for their new business. However, with ambitious development plans, the company needed to maximize their limited resources and implement a marketing strategy that was scalable and efficient.

Today, Ometria combines all the tools a retailer needs to understand customer behavior, measure marketing performance and send personalized messages. The company’s campaign builder allows retailers to create segmented campaigns across all channels and personalize message through dynamic content and product recommendation.

The Ometria’s platform is built with data and customer insight in mind, enabling retailers to effortlessly access the most important customer data sources. The entire platform- from the marketing reports the company provides to the data the company connects – is built with the requirements of e-commerce marketers in mind.

The ‘marketing automation platform’ identify each consumer is in their life cycle, profiles their interests and tastes, and target them with personalized messages to encourage further buying within a retailer’s store. In short, the company has added the missing part of the retailer data science puzzle.

As an early stage startup, the company had limited resources but a determination to get to market and begin scaling up as fast as possible. After learning about inbound marketing, the company partnered with HubSport in late 2013 to assist it fast track its growth.

HubSport helped to accelerate the growth of Ometria’s business beyond expectations. Within the first year, the company increased traffic to its website by 358% while leads, increased by 558%.  As result, this translated to about 60% growth in revenue.

“ Customers provide insights and hints about what they’re interested in, in various ways– they look at specific goods, they look at them again, they put them in a basket, they buy them online, they buy them offline, etc. All this information is spread out across and the entire bunch of different place. But then each bit of information is important in understanding what a specific customer is interested in and wants,” Ometria CEO and founder Ivan Mazour told me via an email.

Ometria has been invested in by London’s prominent entrepreneurs, including Alastair Mitchell,

Alicia Navarro, Andreas Andreou, Andy McLoughlin, AngelLab, Force Over Mass Capital, Guy Westlake, Innova Kapital, Inventure Partners, Jack Graham, James Bromley, Joe Stepniewski, Kevin Chong, Lee Hudson and Luke Viet.

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