One Million Dollar Exclusive Rare Collectors Physical Casascius Bitcoin

Lee Gibson Grant of CiviliXation Digital Economies explains what Physical Casascius Bitcoins are and how they operate as a very unique store of value. In July 2019, a 1 Bitcoin Physical Casascius coin was sold on E-Bay for 99,000$. SubSudio project is offering there very rare five BTC Physical Casascius Bitcoin for potential collector to purchase for 1,111,111 USD.

Why are such physical bitcoins of interest and how did they gain their reputation as a collectors item? As of Nov 27, 2013, Casascius Coins was suspended from sales of items that contain digital bitcoins.

Casascius Bitcoins are physical coins you can hold – and each one is worth real digital bitcoins. 

Bitcoin is the most widely used open-source peer-to-peer “cryptocurrency” that you can send over the Internet without a bank or a middleman.

Each Casascius Bitcoin is a collectible coin backed by real Bitcoins embedded inside.  Each piece has its own Bitcoin address and a redeemable “private key” on the inside, underneath the hologram.

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