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Phase-Shifting Transformer Market – Key Players, Trends, Gaming Type, Forecast

Phase-shifting Transformer Market – Introduction

Phase shifting transformer is a special form of transformer which is used to control power flow in power system network by changing phase of line voltage. In phase shifting transformer, power flow is controlled by regulating the phase displacement between the input and the output voltages of the transmission lines that are internally connected through the phase shifting transformer. The direction and magnitude of power flow is controlled by changing the phase shift. In the area of complex power generation, such as power plant, phase shifting transformers are increasingly used as they make power grid more reliable, reduces transmission losses, and protect transmission lines. Another factor influencing the growth of phase shifting transformer in power system network is its cost efficiency over other solutions. Phase shifting transformers are primarily used in transmission lines and power plants.

Phase-shifting Transformer Market – Competitive Landscape


Founded in 1913, SGB-SMIT Group is headquartered in Regensburg, Germany. The company manufacturers power transformers. The company offers medium power transformer, large power transformer, and oil distribution transformer, as well as compact substations. Additionally, the company provides service for transformer repair and maintenance. In August 2018, SGB-SMIT Group acquired SMIT Power Matla previously known as Powertech Transformers located in Rivonia, South Africa to manufacture medium power transformer and continue the company’s growth in South Africa.


Founded in 1847, Siemens is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company is a pioneer in infrastructure and energy solutions, automation and software for industry. The company manufactures high voltage switchgear, turbo compressor, steam turbines, relays and smart grid systems, and phase shifting transformers among others. The company offers single core and two core transformers. The company has around 379,000 employees.

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Founded in 1988, ABB is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is a global player in manufacturing of electrification, industrial automation, motion, and robotics & discrete automation products. The company’s electrification business offers a wide range of products that includes wiring accessories, switchgear, cabling, phase shifting transformers, enclosures, sensing, and control. The company offer reliable and efficient phase shifting transformers that are used in industrial applications. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries with about 147,000 employees.

Some of the key players operating in the global phase-shifting transformer market with significant developments include Siemens, ABB, SGB-SMIT Group, Tamini Trasformatori S.r.l., Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd., Southwest Electric Co., and NEO TELE-TRONIX PVT. LTD. among others.

Phase-shifting Transformer Market – Dynamics

Increasing use of Phase Shifting Transformer in Power Transmission Network

One of the major driving factors for the growth of global powers shifting transformer market is increasing use of power shifting transformer in transmission line application. In transmission line, electrical power is transferred in the form of alternating current from the transmitting end to the receiving end of the line. Phase shifting transformer use primary and secondary winding with phase shift to create phase difference between sources and load to control the power flow over transmission lines. Phase shifting transformers are capable of preventing overloads by controlling the load flow between network segments and parallel lines. Moreover, in power transmission network, phase shifting transformers are used to improve the grid stability. The demand of interconnected network is increasing across the world owing to which, phase shifting transformers are being employed instead of upgrading expensive grids as power shifting transformer block unwanted power flow from adjacent grids, reconnects easily after blackout, and are a cost efficient alternative to power transmission management. Considering the above mentioned benefits offered by phase shifting transformer, the market is expected to witness prominent growth during the forecast period. Hence, with increase in deployment of phase shifting transformer in power transmission network for transmission line and power plants is expected to drive the growth of the market during forecast period.

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Phase-shifting Transformer Market – Segmentation

The phase-shifting transformer market can be bifurcated on the basis of:

  • Technology
  • Type
  • Application
  • Region

Phase-shifting Transformer Market Segmentation – By Technology

On the basis of the technology, the phase-shifting transformer market can be fragmented into:

  • Symmetrical
  • Non Symmetrical

Phase-shifting Transformer Market Segmentation – By Type

Depending on the type, the phase-shifting transformer market can be divided into:

  • Single Core
  • Two Core

Phase-shifting Transformer Market Segmentation – By Application

Depending on the application, the phase-shifting transformer market can be divided into:

  • Transmission Line
  • Improve Grid Stability
  • Power Plants
  • Others


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