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Piezoelectric Actuator Market | Pin-Point Analyses Of Market Competition Dynamics

Global Piezoelectric Actuator Market – Introduction

An actuator is a component of a machine, which is required for controlling or moving the system. Piezoelectric actuators are transducers that transform electric energy into physical displacement based on the principle of piezoelectric effect. These actuators are widely used in positioning mechanisms, owing to their high accuracy. Piezoelectric actuators have capability to control a small mechanical displacement by generating a high force at a high speed. These actuators are of two types: stack actuators and strip actuators. Stack actuators offer low stroke and high blocking force, whereas strip actuators produce a relatively high physical displacement in response to the received electric signal. Piezoelectric actuators are used in braille machines and knitting machinery, owing to their precision. Moreover, the silent-drive characteristic of piezoelectric actuators is useful for auto focusing mechanism in mobile phones and microphone-equipped video cameras. A piezoelectric actuator can be used for billions of times in industrial automation machineries, without wear or deterioration.

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Global Piezoelectric Actuator Market – Competition Landscape

PI Ceramic GmbH

Founded in 1993, PI Ceramic GmbH is a subsidiary of Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG, located in Lederhose, Germany. The company designs and manufactures high-quality piezo components for actuator and sensor applications. In June 2019, at the SENSOR+TEST Trade Fair, the company presented a wide range of its products enabled with the piezo technology. The company had manufactured these products for use in industrial, medical, and ultrasonic measuring applications.

Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd.

Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. is headquartered in Fulbourn, the U.K. The company designs and manufacturers slide handling equipment and fiber optic inspection equipment. In 2018, the company acquired Queensgate Instruments, a manufacturer of sensors, actuators/translators, and controllers located in Bracknell, the U.K. The acquisition was aimed at widening the former’s product portfolio.

Some of the key players operating in the global piezoelectric actuator market include Seiko Instruments Inc., PI Ceramic GmbH, Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd., Advanced Cerametrics Inc., Mad City Labs Inc., and Micromo Electronics Ltd.

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Global Piezoelectric Actuator Market – Dynamics

Increasing use of piezoelectric actuators in consumer electronics

Increasing use of piezoelectric actuators in consumer electronics is one of the major driving factors for the global piezoelectric actuator market. Piezoelectric actuators are used in multiple consumer electronics products such as printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, acoustic guitar pickups, and clocks. One of the major advantages of piezoelectric actuators is that the piezoelectric ceramic material used in it generates electricity when mechanical force is applied onto it and the actuator does not require any external power source. Piezoelectric actuators are small in size, owing to which they are easy to fit and install in electronic devices. Additionally, piezoelectric actuators offer quicker response to high frequencies compared to other devices. This is driving their use in consumer electronics applications.

Rising adoption of piezoelectric actuators in industrial applications

Piezoelectric actuators are widely used in various industrial applications such as diesel fuel injectors, piezoelectric motors, and ultrasonic welding. In recent years, regulations on emissions from diesel engines have become highly stringent. Along with this, the demand from customers for engines with reduced noise and high power has increased. In order to comply with these stringent regulations and meet customer demand, piezoelectric actuators are increasingly being used in diesel fuel injectors. All the above-mentioned benefits offered by piezoelectric actuators are anticipated to boost the demand for these actuators during the forecast period.

Global Piezoelectric Actuator Market – Segmentation

The global piezoelectric actuator market can be divided in terms of:

  • Type
  • Industry
  • Region

Global Piezoelectric Actuator Market, by Type

In terms of type, the global piezoelectric actuator market can be segmented into:

  • Stack Actuator
  • Strip Actuator

Global Piezoelectric Actuator Market, by Industry

Based on industry, the global piezoelectric actuator market can be divided into:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Others


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