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Pillars of Umrah: The Supererogatory acts of umrah




Umrah is a sacred act of worship which has great virtue for pilgrims, each year number of pilgrims visit Mecca to perform Umrah and to attain piety. Like every worship, umrah has pillars also known as rituals to it that are obligatory and some other supererogatory acts of worship or sunnah for extra deeds and they hold great merit and reward for those pilgrims who perform them willingly as these are bonus points of umrah. Fard (obligatory) rituals are highly virtuous acts, but supererogatory acts are like bonus points for rewards and collecting good deeds. Number of Muslims desire to visit Mecca for pilgrimage, especially from USA but often refrain their desire because of budget, high airfare prices and what not. Cheap Umrah package from USA can be fruitful for the pilgrims that want to perform umrah without breaking their bank and still enjoying the opulence of the pilgrimage, Umrah packages from Seattle can be acquired through travel agencies and online websites that offer multiple umrah packages from Seattle to mecca and one can do a thorough research before availing an Ramadan Umrah packages.

Pillars of Umrah/ Rituals


The first and foremost step is to put on an ihram before entering the vicinity of haram. The ihram for men includes two white pieces of clothes (unstitched) and women can wear a lose fitted garment mostly worn attire by women are abaya or jilbab along with practicing hijab (headscarf) which covers the body of women in a modest manner. This state of ritual consecration is entered by pilgrims before beginning the umrah with a Niyat (intention)

Performing Tawaf

Tawaf is an obligatory ritual of umrah in which pilgrims circumambulate around the Ka’ba in 7 circuits. After the state of being in ihram is done, pilgrims move towards the holy place, Ka’ba and point towards the black stone or kiss it if it is accessible, then Niyat is said out loud verbally or infused in heart along with takbir. Tawaf is done in 7 circuits and afterwards pilgrims pray 2 rakat near maqam e Ibrahim.

During the Tawaf pilgrim have to offer the Tawaf prayer which is comprised of two rakats. You should offer this prayer after the tawaf. In this prayer you have to recite surah al Kafirun in the first rakah after the Al Fatiha and in the second rakah you have to recite surah al Ikhlas after the AL Fatiha. And rest of the prayer procedure would be as usual.


Sa’i is the act of walking back and forth seven times between the two hills, Safa and Marwa, commemorating the story of Hajar and her son, Ismail. It is recommended to initiate from Mount Safa and then towards Marwa to reenact the steps of Hajar while she was running in search of water for her thirsty son. In between comes an area with two green, fluorescent lights, it’s a sign which indicates the men to slightly jog in that part while women can walk at normal pace.

Shaving or Trimming of Hair

After all the rituals are performed, the men are recommended to shave their hair completely or to trim their hair. Women should only trim a few hair strands to fulfil this rite of Umrah.

Supererogatory Acts

These supererogatory acts are not ordered but are rather sunnah and are highly rewarded if a pilgrim performs them


Ramal is considered a supererogatory act which means that it is a part of sunnah, and it is not Fard (obligatory). Ramal is the act of walking briskly for men with their chests wide open and raised like a warrior, ramal is to be done in the first 3 circuits of tawaf and then the rest 4 circuits, men can walk at their normal pace. In the Ramal, while performing the tawaf between the Yamani Corner to the Hajar Al Aswad, you should say the Ibrahimi Dua which is Rabana Arina Fid Dunya and while rest of the tawaf you can make any supplications.

Drinking Zamzam

 Drinking the sacred water of Zamzam is a sunnah while performing Umrah. Zamzam has both spiritual and physical benefits to it along with virtue. After performing tawaf you should drink Zamzam according to the Sunnah of Prophet PBUH. You face should be towards to the Baitullah and start drinking with Bismillah. You should drink the water in the standing position.

Visiting Masjid Ul Nabawi

masjid Ul Nabawi also known as prophet Muhammad (P B U H)’s mosque that is in Medina, it is recommended to visit it and pray at his mosque where he (P B U H) is buried. Praying in the vicinity of this mosque holds great virtue. Sending salawat to him (P B U H) has a great reward.

Offering Nafl (voluntary) Prayers

Praying other than the obligatory prayers such as nafl or supplications holds great reward. These voluntary prayers can be performed at any time and at any place along with verses of Quran and supplications. tahajud, is a voluntary prayer that is offered after Isha in the middle of the night, and it has great reward to it.


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