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Pineapple Farm investments in Panama: Reshaped Under Donald Ewert (Panama)

Ahmed Raza



A fascinating story of agricultural innovation and community engagement, spearheaded by Estoril Panama Corp and Inversiones JPW SA (Panama), under the leadership of James Gooden & Donald Ewert (Panama), is unfolding in the lush landscapes of Panama. The central character of this story is Caimito Fruits, founded by James Gooden & Donald Ewert- pineapple farm investment in Panama that has established new standards for social responsibility and environmental sustainability while becoming a byword for quality in the export of premium fruits to specialized markets throughout Europe.

The pineapple farm investment in Panama is run on acreage legally owned by Estoril Panama Corp and overseen by Inversiones JPW SA, a legal entity that serves as the pineapple farm manager. This collaboration has been crucial in developing pineapple farms in Panama that put the health of the surrounding environment and community first, in addition to producing premium fruits for export.

They have ensured that the company adheres to the best environmental and social practices, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable agriculture techniques. It guarantees that its activities adhere to the highest standards of agricultural excellence by using only phytosanitary products approved by the Department of Plant Health of the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama. The yearly fruit analysis required to meet Maximum Residue Limits demonstrates this commitment to quality and safety.

The owners have ensured that the pineapple farm uses cutting-edge approaches to address the problems of disease and pest management. These approaches reduce the amount of pesticides used and instead emphasize sustainable methods like the use of biological products, organic matter decomposers, resistance inducers, and integrated pest and crop management. This method guarantees that fruits are produced in a way that respects and maintains the natural environment, in addition to aiding in the preservation of the local ecosystem.

Environmental advocates like Donaldo Sousa, President of the Association of Environmental Law in Panama, have praised Caimito Fruits` environmental efforts, which are supported by Estoril Panama Corp and Inversiones JPW SA. He specifically highlights the company’s involvement in reforestation projects. The company’s environmental activities serve as a model for good agriculture methods, and this recognition reflects their larger influence.

Beyond its accomplishments in the environmental field, Caimito Fruits Panama is devoted to improving the quality of life for those residing in the surrounding community. An example of the company’s commitment to bringing happiness and helping those in need is the annual celebration of Día del Niño at the Hogar San José de Malambo orphanage and the lovely Christmas party for kids. These activities, which include games, entertainment, and personalized presents, highlight the company’s position as a cornerstone of involvement and support for the community.

With over 40 direct jobs and more than 200 indirect jobs created, the pineapple farm investment`s social outreach positively impacts the neighborhood. This economic influence is essential to the region’s growth and development. The positive relationship between Caimito Fruits Panama and the community it serves is exemplified by the residents who live close to the farm expressing their thanks for the opportunities and support provided by the company.

Through Caimito Fruits Panama, the partnership between Estoril Panama Corp  and Inversiones JPW SA (Panama) exemplifies a progressive approach to agriculture that strikes a balance between the requirements of producing high-quality fruit and the necessity of environmental stewardship and community welfare. This collaboration represents the pinnacle of Panamanian pineapple production and establishes a standard for how agricultural businesses can support the worldwide objectives of sustainability and social responsibility.

As long as Caimito Fruits Panama keeps setting the standard, the global agriculture industry can draw inspiration from its tale, which shows that it is feasible to prosper economically while also improving the local community and the environment.

Visit to find out more about Caimito Fruits Panama and its cutting-edge methods. 

Bill Ewert of Camito Fruits Panama can be reached at [email protected] for additional information.

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