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Playbux Launches AI Powered Zero-Fee L1 Blockchain for More Efficient and Low-Cost Gaming

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Low-Cost Gaming

Playbux, the platform working steadfastly to inject entertainment in Web 3.0 in the most rewarding way possible, is launching an AI-powered zero-fee layer-1 gaming blockchain to consolidate its position in the gameverse. This zero-fee gaming L1 blockchain aims to reduce transaction costs and provide users with optimized products tailored to individual preferences. Originally launched on the BNB chain, Playbux is set to expand its coverage and capability to new levels with the introduction of layer 1.

The USP of Playbux

Playbux has seamlessly integrated e-commerce with blockchain tech to build and foster a thriving virtual community, benefiting from its expansive array of services, including Shop to Earn, Walk to Earn, Watch to Earn, and Play to Earn. From its inception, it achieved early success by emerging as a leading platform on the BNB chain, boasting an impressive number of Unique Active Wallets.

The platform also excelled in the world of NFTs with its Early Bird Collection, amassing a trading volume exceeding 1600 BNB on Opensea, which eventually secured the position of number 1 top-trending collection on Opensea, with a staggering 45,000+ holders. In terms of generating volume, Playbux’s track record has been no less than extraordinary, attracting more than 640,000 unique users and facilitating over 18.5 million transactions.

While these successes validated the value Playbux could provide, gas fees & lack of user optimization emerged as limiting factors to the sector’s mainstream adoption. And that is where the introduction of the L1 would be of immense benefit. 

The Foreseen Impact of the AI Powered L1 Zero-Fee Gaming Blockchain

The blockchain will enable users to transact absolutely free by allowing transactions with zero gas spent. Additionally, it will increase app-game speed, registering a marked enhancement in UX. 

However, the most enticing and empowering aspect of the entire project comes from its use of AI. Playbux has been conducting trials on its AI engine for quite some time now, and it has produced stellar results with 70K+ new users onboarded and high retention rates.

Speaking about the launch and its anticipated impact on the entire ecosystem, Sarun Vichayabhai, CEO of Playbux, said, “This strategic milestone marks the beginning of an exciting journey for us in pioneering efforts to revolutionize the gaming blockchain space with our upcoming innovative AI-powered zero-gas L1 solution.”

If it stays true to its promises, this enhancement will make the on-chain gaming experience cost-efficient and enriching, resulting in broader participation.

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