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Primitive Technology

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primitive tech

Primitive Technology is a YouTube channel run by John Plant dedicated to sharing videos of the things people use that are primitive and/or homemade. Primitive Technology is an ongoing project, where the focus has been on videos of Australian-made items, but due to copyright issues, can be downloaded from the Internet. Primitive Technology can be used for many things; such as collecting seashells, collecting seeds, collecting fruits, etc… If you find an interesting video on Primitive Technology, you may add it to the site. Some countries have restrictions on using certain technology, so make sure the video is not an illegal reproduction.

Primitive Technology is run out of a home office in Far North Queensland, Australia. Based entirely out of the Great Dividing Range in Australia, the site shows the process of creating houses and other items using only natural materials found in the great outdoors. Primitive Technology uses the local flora and fauna and their shells to create a variety of products. For instance, one video shows a person making a hammock from pieces of wood found along the river banks. The great thing about this process is that the person making the hammock will be building it right at the location where he found the material. The great resource site also includes videos of the people building simple huts from parts of wood they found along the highway.

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The YouTube site let us know, “Many people have found ancient artifacts in their yard just waiting to be used.” It seems that there are a lot of people who are into collecting and putting together simple stone age artifacts that will be put on display. You can search for videos of the people assembling different types of artifacts, such as a stone-age hearth or even an old forge blower that has been made complete. Some of the videos on Primitive Technology show people using stones and metals and a variety of other materials to make the most creative and intricate tools. While some people get enjoyment out of working with primitive technology, there are others who use modern tools in order to make things more simple. The internet provides a great resource for anyone who is looking for a way to enjoy their hobby without having to use any primitive power tools. Many modern hobbyists and woodworkers use this type of technology in order to make things such as birdhouse planters, shelters, and many other outdoor projects. The materials that are used are left up to nature as long as they are not damaged.

One YouTube member who calls himself Wormie created quite a stir when he built his own outdoor kitchen. He made it out of what would be considered primitive technology because he did not have access to modern tools. He instead made a wooden frame and assembled all the needed materials into the perfect hut. This man clearly had a talent for what he was doing because the finished product turned out to be something that other people would envy. If you do not want to copy the man’s expertise, then you may want to consider a similar project or start your own primitive technology-based hobby.

Primitive Technology can be fun to carry out and explore. Although it may be difficult for some people to feel comfortable using natural materials in such a remote area, it can prove to be very rewarding if you take your time and build a shelter out of what nature provides. A man’s home is far more special than anything that you could make out of dry woods and nails.

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