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Pursuing Applied Technologies – What Is Next For You?

Hillary Cyril




The world of Applied Technologies continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. We have seen tremendous growth in the areas of computer science, computer engineering, computer technology, electrical engineering, and other areas of applied science. As we continue to move forward, it is important that we continue to expose students to these new technologies, so they can become proficient and knowledgeable in these new fields. Over the past several years, many colleges and universities across the United States have implemented an Electrical Maintenance Technology initiative in an effort to further develop these skilled workers and create new job openings in the field.

In the college or university classroom, students are taught the basics of A.T.E. programs, which are electrical maintenance technician programs. The program allows current students to gain hands-on experience with a heavy-duty A.T.E. machine, and demonstrates the student’s knowledge of troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing systems within the workplace. The college or university offering the Electrical Maintenance Technology program will evaluate the student’s progress during each semester, and if the student is not satisfied with the results, they can repeat the course to learn new techniques and skills.

When a student complete the above two courses, they can apply for an Automotive Lab Associate (ALA) or Certified Automotive Mechanic (CAM) certification exam after their sophomore or junior year of college. Both of these certifications take about two years to complete, depending on which state you live in and which type of A.T.E. program you participate in. In order to be certified as an A.A.S.T. student, a student must pass a four-hour test administered by the American Association of Mechanical Engineers, or A.M.M.E.


Many college students with a passion for technology may decide to get some hands-on training by participating in an automobile technology or electrical maintenance technician apprenticeship program. These programs are typically supported by automotive companies and can last from two weeks to two and a half years. During the apprenticeship program, students will learn a variety of techniques and skills needed to be successful in the field. This includes diagnostic and maintenance practices, repair and recovery methods, and proper disposal procedures for hazardous fluids. Automotive technicians who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the national electrical compliance exam.

Students may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Applied Technologies (B.Sc. ), or a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Technologies (B.A. ). Each option requires about three years to complete, and students must first complete a foundation of general engineering classes, followed by specialized courses in electrical and mechanical technologies.

Courses in applied technologies can be completed online. In most colleges and universities, online technology courses are offered as part of electrical maintenance or other science departments as part of an overall education plan. Online technology courses can offer students the opportunity to fulfill prerequisites and earn college credit while they complete their degrees. In addition, online technology programs usually include lectures and assignments through email, allowing students to work at their own pace, without the pressure of a classroom environment. With the increasing use of technology in virtually every aspect of business, including electrical maintenance, professionals can pursue advanced degrees at a time when it is most convenient for them.

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