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Rock Hash – Ready for Your First Experience in BTC Mining? Sign up for Free BTC Hash Power!

Adriaan Brits



On October 16, 2021, the ROCK HASH official website was newly launched. The new official website adopts a brand-new UI design, launches new products, new functions, and new services to give users a more convenient platform experience. There are currently 7 versions of the official website, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Russian, Thai, and Arabic versions of the official website. The global strategic layout is fully rolled out and it is quickly seizing the international market.

After the ROCK HASH official website is newly launched, how can new users become platform users? How to buy platform products? What kind of welfare activities are there to enjoy? Let’s take a quick look at it together~

  1. Sign up to get BTC computing power products

The ROCK HASH official website is on-line welfare. During the event, new users register for a free 180-day single T Bitcoin computing power product (free of electricity charges). The number is limited, so hurry up to register for the experience.

How to register:

First step: Enter the ROCK HASH official website, click the register button in the upper right corner, select the email registration (recommended), enter the email, email verification code, account password, invitation code (optional), check to agree to the user service agreement, and click register.

Second step: After successful registration, you will enter the login page, enter your email and password to log in successfully.

  1. Easily buy platform products with one click

To purchase products on the ROCK HASH platform, there is no need to find a site to deploy mining machines. You only need to purchase products with one click, and you can rent mining machines in BTC, ETH, FIL and other currencies at a very cost-effective price. You can view all products in the “Mining” interface of the official website. You can select the appropriate product cycle according to your capital situation, submit the order and pay, and you can enjoy the daily mining income. You can view the order details in my order.

Participation process: Just buy the product and place an order, and finally wait for the digital currency to be received from the mining pool.

  1. How to become a platform node?

ROCK HASH users purchase any computing power products on the platform, and the accumulated online effective computing power reaches 50 or above, they can become ROCK HASH platform nodes.


①After becoming a ROCK HASH platform node, the system will automatically notify the user in the form of an email, and attach the corresponding node background link, the corresponding account password (corresponding to the user’s own account), and display the current corresponding rights and benefits of the node and instructions (For specific content, please refer to the content of the official email received at that time).

②After a ROCK HASH user becomes a node, it will be automatically upgraded according to the effective online computing power of the node (Note: If you want to become a super node, you must pass an application. The corresponding rights and interests will be given after the review); and enjoy the corresponding rights, and each upgrade will be emailed, please check the email information in time.

  1. Benefits that can be enjoyed by becoming a platform node

Nodes can enjoy the rights as follows:

①Enjoy USDT commission rewards and DCC airdrop rewards for products of the corresponding level;

②Participate in ranking competition activities and enjoy DCC airdrop rewards;

③Can participate in the election of super nodes, and enjoy corresponding node rewards and additional DCC airdrop rewards (For specific content, please refer to the official email content received at that time);

④Possess the voting rights of community governance, and get different voting weights to participate in super node voting according to the corresponding node level. If the node you voted for becomes a super node, the node participating in the super node voting will enjoy the DCC airdrop reward (the specific content of the community voting will be official events shall prevail).

  1. About ROCK HASH

Rock Hash is the world’s leading computing power trading platform. Headquartered in Singapore, it has operated safely and stably for 3 years.With excellent capital strength, solid technical support and abundant supply chain resources, it provides one-stop comprehensive mining services for hundreds of thousands of users around the world to meet the diversified needs of users.

Finally, I will attach a link to the ROCK HASH official website:


More welfare activities are available on the ROCK HASH official website, come and start your digital currency journey with one click~

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