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RunesTerminal Announced as Upcoming IDO on CV Pad




RunesTerminal, the first true infrastructure provider for the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem, has announced its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on CV Pad. The IDO will feature a total allocation of $30,000 worth of $RUNI tokens, offering exclusive benefits for early participants.

The IDO on CV Pad is designed to provide an inclusive opportunity for participants to invest in RunesTerminal’s future. The $RUNI includes more than a single token listing, it’s a comprehensive campaign that gives participants a free Ordinals NFT Mint and meme token launch, aimed at driving awareness and engagement within the RunesTerminal ecosystem.

The RunesTerminal Ecosystem

RunesTerminal offers a suite of innovative products designed to bolster the infrastructure in the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem:

  1. RunesScan: The premier Runes explorer providing all necessary public data for users to navigate the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem with ease. Visit RunesScan for more information.
  2. RunesPad: A launchpad for all Runes innovators to gain traction with support from RunesTerminal. Check out RunesPad to explore more.
  3. RunesEtch: A tool for issuing new runes and sending them (including batch transactions) to anyone, streamlining the process of managing digital assets. Learn more at RunesEtch.
  4. RunesBook: The go-to Wiki for everything related to runes, offering comprehensive knowledge and insights. Visit RunesBook to dive deeper into the world of Bitcoin Runes.

Transforming Bitcoin: Unleash BTC’s Potential with the Runes Protocol

RunesTerminal leverages the hyper-efficient extension of the UTXO model of the Runes Protocol to unlock Bitcoin’s full potential. By integrating these advanced functionalities, RunesTerminal transforms Bitcoin and the network from a mere store of value into a dynamic utility token and vibrant ecosystem.

The $RUNI Token: Invest in Bitcoin’s Cutting-Edge Transformation

The $RUNI token is the cornerstone of the RunesTerminal ecosystem, offering a range of benefits:

  • Early Access: Vetted IDOs for early participants.
  • Liquidity Mining: Initiatives to enhance token liquidity.
  • Tier-Based Allocation: Structured participation benefits.
  • Insider Access: Connect with veterans in the BTC space.
  • Community-Driven Funding: Governance-driven project funding.

Meme Token Launch 

RunesTerminal’s meme token launch, a core facet of the overall $RUNI launch campaign, is set to launch on June 18th, alongside the $RUNI token. To participate in the token sale, contributions to the pool on must be made, alongside completing the whitelist campaign for the $RUNI token (details below).

IDO Information

The RunesTerminal IDO on CV Pad is set to launch on the 18th of June 2024. Key details and dates include:

  • Initial FDV of $19,845,000
  • June 12: Announce Project and kickoff Whitelist at 5 PM CET.
  • June 17: Conclude Investor Whitelist Period at 5 PM CET.
  • June 18: Meme Sale at a time to be announced. 
  • June 18: CV Pad Users can start contributions for $RUNI at 5 PM CET.
  • End of June: TGE Distribution.
  • July: Mint for “Ape Odyssey Terminal 2” Ordinals Collection.

Participants can join the IDO through a questified whitelist campaign, provided on the official whitelist site.

Join the Future of Finance with RunesTerminal and CV Pad

The collaboration between RunesTerminal and CV Pad is a huge step for the future of Bitcoin and the wider web3 ecosystem. By participating in the RunesTerminal IDO, investors have the chance to invest in infrastructure that is set to propel the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to join the future of finance.

For more information, visit the RunesTerminal website and CV Pad’s website.

About RunesTerminal
RunesTerminal is a cutting-edge platform that integrates Bitcoin Runes with the decentralized finance landscape. With a focus on security, transparency, and innovation, RunesTerminal offers a range of products and services designed to empower users and enhance their crypto experience.

About CV Pad

CV Pad is a Launchpad+, aiming to take projects through their TGE with a suite of services from tokenomics support to distribution and marketing, with the support of their global network of partnerships. It is a collective: DuckDAO, CV VC, and CV Labs, that utilizes its wealth of experience in web3 and traditional venture capital to not only support projects but also provide vetted, curated picks for launchpad investors.

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