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Running A Completely Remote Company: What You Will Need To Keep In Mind

Hugh Grant



The world of work has changed so much even in the last few years. Running a remote company is easier than ever with all of the technology available. The adjustments made during the pandemic allowed millions to work remotely around the world. Companies that vowed never to go fully remote have adopted remote and hybrid work environments. The truth is that some companies might see a mass exodus of employees when trying to make people return to the office. The “Great Resignation” was due to returning to the office along with workers feeling empowered. The pandemic revealed to a number of people that it is better to work to live rather than living to work. 


Running a remote company is going to be far different than seeing each employee in the office day after day. Motivation is a perfect example of something that changes in a huge way in a remote setting. The following are things you need to keep in mind when running a completely remote company. 

Use A Project Management Platform

Project management software can be so important when running a business of any size. The ability to set a priority for a task can be so important for the staff. You do not want employees wondering what should be their focus as project management software helps cut down the guesswork. When working with contractors, this technology can ensure they are hitting deadlines that are set. This can be so important when contractors are directly involved in handling client work. 

Outsource When Necessary 

Growth could mean that certain areas of the business cannot be handled in-house anymore. Accounting services are a perfect example as millions of transactions and a multitude of costs should be handled by professionals. Companies that are growing make the mistake of having someone with a little experience in accounting handle the books. A business could be missing out on thousands in tax breaks that only someone with vast experience or a CPA would know. Taking an honest assessment of the staff can allow you to confirm you are making the right choice. Versatile employees might be able to be shifted into certain areas but this is not something that can be done for an extended period. 

Building Rapport Among The Staff 

Building rapport used to happen organically as people spent so much time around one another at the office. Remote work does not allow for this type of rapport to be built. Having virtual happy hours is a great example of something that could foster some rapport among the staff. There are those that might know each other from before the company went remote. The new employees might have trouble understanding certain personal details about a coworker. 

Remote companies are more common than ever before as technology makes remote work seamless. Saving money monthly on things like rent for office space can allow a business to thrive. Too many expenses can cripple a business and eat into profit margins which need to be healthy.

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