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Secrets To Create Instagram Fashion Content To Get Better Results And Higher Traffic

When you create any content to post on Instagram or any other social channel, you will want it to provide you with the desired results. However, it may not always be possible. There are a few secrets to make your content work and drive more social followers towards your site, whether it is for fashion or any other retail product.




When you create any content to post on Instagram or any other social channel, you will want it to provide you with the desired results. However, it may not always be possible. There are a few secrets to make your content work and drive more social followers towards your site, whether it is for fashion or any other retail product.

The first thing to do is to devour as much advice as you can to create engaging content to post on Instagram. Remember, just as fashion is all about creativity, so is with posting content on Instagram.

However, all these tips and advice may not be useful; therefore, follow the basic advice such as:

  • Publish content every week and
  • Write list posts.

Sometimes, these tips work wonders, but if you still do not see enough traffic to your fashion site, you should try more advanced techniques such as reverse engineering. This is the process of studying the most successful and productive blogs in your specific niche. This will shoot up the traffic to your fashion site like a rocket.

Then the reverse engineering process will provide your content with a proven framework to get more traffic to your site. All you have to do is:

  • Find successful content like blog posts, infographics, guides and videos in your niche
  • Make the chosen content even better with several tweaks and
  • Promote it directly to people who are interested in it.

Most marketers and experts call this process The Skyscraper Technique since it boosts the number of followers for Instagram and your site traffic significantly.

Focus on content marketing                          

After you have created the best content that aligns and correctly reflects your fashion brand, you must ensure that you promote it as well instead of relying too much on paid searches. You should follow the content marketing techniques for that matter. This will get almost three times more leads for every dollar spent.

Most of the marketers believe that the paid searches are the be-all and end-all for cost-effectiveness. Still, a recent study report published by Kapost, in collaboration with Eloqua, says something entirely different. It says:

  • When compared, content marketing has a much lower up-front cost and
  • It provides long-term and deeper benefits.

Yes, it may take some time to show the results, but as time goes on, it will gain its momentum, and you will not have to spend any extra dollar for that matter. On the other hand, if you go for paid search only, you will need to have continual cash flow so that you can keep on getting the results.

You will be surprised to know that content marketing is even better than outbound marketing as well. It will provide leads more than three times as many as outbound marketing and, at the same time, cost you less by 62%.

The reason behind this is that paid searches or outbound marketing deals mainly with promotional messages and are usually pushy, intrusive, and interruptive. People do not like that at all.

Simple article format

Most of the marketers and content creators follow a simple article format to draw a bigger social audience, and this applies to Instagram as well. This is a post framework that seems to be the winning formula.

It is a wring concept that “being different” is crucial in driving more traffic towards a site as well as content marketing success. It is not without any reason that most of the content creators publish the same type of article over and over again, and these are also very popular.

The reasons that this type of content model works better include:

  • It gives a fashion brand name more recognition, which is the most important thing than testimonials, urgency, and color. According to research by SurveyMonkey, it is found that more than 70% of consumers click first on those search results that are of some known brands, and any branded page typically performs 40% better than any non-branded page.
  • It also encourages influencer involvement, which is primarily crucial in Instagram to make your brand more visible and known to the customers. It helps in improving the relationship between a brand and the readers, the author, and the subject.

It will help in gaining trust, which is another significant factor that will influence their buying decisions.

Advantages of using Instagram

The most significant advantage of using Instagram for the promotion of a brand, especially a fashion brand, is that you can minimize and even stop using text and start showing your creative skills.


This being a photo and video sharing app, your posts will generally receive more likes, shares, and comments in comparison to any text or links. Images will help your message, as well as your brand, go viral because people do not like to read text posts on social channels.

You can be as creative as you want when you post on Instagram. Just make sure that you remember a few specific factors, such as:

  • Placing your image within the space
  • Create a design that is beautiful, engaging, and readable
  • Use only high-quality and high-resolution stock photography instead of cheesy photographs and
  • Not use any image from Google image search because there may be copyright issues.

Look for the current visual trends on Instagram as well as Pinterest and find out which type is getting more engagement and use them in your posts.

In summary

The primary purpose of posting on Instagram is to incite the people to visit your site and increase the traffic. With the useful tools that Instagram comes with, this is even much easier for fashion brands.

If you look at the marketing statistics, you will also know whey marketers are using this platform to solve the pain points of their audience and generate more leads.

  • 55% of marketers prefer blog content for marketing
  • 36% prefer list-based headlines and
  • 81% of B2B companies use Instagram posts to promote their products.

The reason for this difference is that Instagram is the most effective social media platform that delivers the highest engagement and secures high traffic to fashion sites.

Author Bio –

Ariya Stark is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with her effective marketing strategies and guidance.  


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