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Seedrs: A platform that you can invest and share in the success of businesses




Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform that allows customers to invest in startups and later-stage businesses in Europe. It enables customers to invest as little as £10 into the business they choose and allows established businesses and early stage startups raise investment from family, customers, friends, and angels in exchange for equity in the business.

Seedrs boast of being the first crowdfunding platform to be given regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority in May 2012. Based in East London’s Tech City, the company raised £1.3 million in funding in in 2012 from backers, including AngelLab, Digital Prophets, DFJ Esprit and several angel investors.  In 2013, the company raised the largest equity crowdfunding ever, rising over £2.5 million from 909 investors.

It’s free and simple for anyone in Europe to sign up to the Seedrs’ platform. Once customers’ profiles are complete, they’re able to ask entrepreneurs questions, access all campaigns, invest and request further information.

To invest in the Seedrs, choose the amount and pay for your investment by bank transfer or debit card. It is easy for one to create a diversified portfolio of investments, a move that spread your exposure to risk.

The company allows customers to become ordinary and legal shareholders of a business. The customers also receive regular updates. If a business does well, the customers get a return on their investment.

There are three ways you can invest on Seedrs:

  • Equity

Equity is the most common and simplest way to invest and become a shareholder in a business.

  • Fund

Customers can diversify across several businesses with a single investment, and become a shareholder in each.

  • Convertible

Seedrs enables you to Invest in a business and your investment convert, at a discount to other investors.

Carlos Silva, co-founder of Seedrs, said that the company aims is to let all types of investors invest in any business they believe in. “We want investors to invest in their preferred businesses. We do that through a simple, highly professional, online process that empowers and protect investors while helping business develop and generate returns.

The company is proud to have the support of an experienced advisory board including James Alexander. former CEO and co-founder, Zopa;  Mike Butcher, editor-at-Large, TechCrunch; Logan Green ,CEO and co-Founder, Lyft; Lord Lucas, House of Lords; Dave Morin, CEO and co-Founder, Path;  Andy Murray, Tennis Champion and Investor;  Dale Murray, former Angel Investor of the Year;   and Todd Ruppert, former CEO, T. Rowe Price Int’l.



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