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Shift to Agriculture and Tourism backed by e-Commerce to drive GCC Industrial Racking System Market




With storage facilities and warehouses being inevitable for inventory management, GCC industrial racking system market is bound to go a long way. The countries over here are into transforming the economies to agricultural, tourism, and likewise (from solely oil-based), which does need greater inventory of the products with large warehouse spaces for managing inventory. Persistence Market Research has walked through these findings with future prospects in its latest market study entitled “GCC Industrial Racking System Market”.

What’s more with GCC Industrial Racking System Market?

GCC industrial racking system market, by design, spans selective racking, cantilever racking, push back racking, narrow & wide aisle racking, drive-in-racking, pallet flow racking, carton flow racking, mobile racking, pigeon hole racking, and FIFO racking.

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By carrying capacity, it’s light duty (40-200 Kg), medium duty (0.25-1 ton), and heavy duty (2-4 tons). BY sales, it’s rentals and direct ownership. By end-use, it’s construction, automotive, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, e-Commerce, 3PLs, textiles, paper & print, defense & railways, cold storage, and other manufacturing. By country, it’s KSA, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait. Out of these, 3PLs hold the largest market share and are expected to witness a CAGR of 11.1% between 2022 and 2032.

This could be attributed to the fact that logistics is a vital part of any economy as it makes way for product flow, right from its origin to consumption. This vertical implies integrating material handling, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, transportation, supply chain management, product procurement, and shipping security.


The e-Commerce sector is also growing, which is expected to bring in greater revenue for GCC industrial racking system market in the forecast period. Persistence Market Research has, with the help of its line of expertise in the form of analysts and consultants, entailed these facts with insights in its latest market study entitled “GCC Industrial Racking System Market”.

Competitive Landscape

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in GCC industrial racking system market as Kardex AG, Stow International, Jungheinrich AG, Mecalux, S.A., SSI Schaefer, Gonvarri Materiaal Handling, Godrej Group, Kirby Building Solutions, Delta Storage Pvt. Ltd., Sadr Logistics, Co., SNR International Services, and likewise.

It has also gone further with mentioning about the key developments on this part. For instance – Mecalux, in May 2021, did install pallet racks, thereby implementing the Easy WMS warehouse management system along with Multi-Carrier Shipping software module, that too, for LS2 Helmets (which did relocate to Teressa, Spain) for increasing the storage capacity.


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The Road Ahead

GCC industrial racking system market is bound to undergo exponential transition in the next 10 years – Persistence Market Research

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